Colour Series ~ Purple Day Six

Hello gentle readers. We are drawing near to the end of this month's Colour Series. This is day six. And what did I choose to show today?

Why, China Glaze First Class Ticket from their Vintage Vixen Collection from last Fall. I have just started acquiring the colours I wanted from that set. I own four, so far and boy am I ever happy that I bought this one. First Class Ticket is a deep, intensely pigmented blue based purple jelly. Packed with shimmer, this polish really satisfies. (I am going to burn in hell for that little bit of plagiarism, aren't I? :P) I applied two coats and a top coat for this swatch, but if I had known ahead of time to use a bit more care, I might have gotten away with one.

Oh yes, my friends, You heard me right. A jelly that could be a one coat wonder if you have mad skillz.

Only two of my photographs of this polish survived to be posted. I know not what happened but they were all so unpleasantly out of focus. These were the only two that I was able to sharpen up enough to show.

 Under my OttLight. Can you say "blurple"? 

In sun. The shimmah in this one is crazybeautiful. 

China Glaze First Class Ticket is a love bug to apply. Smooth, silky and easy to control. Typical China Glaze gorgeous formula. There is nothing else to say, really. :D

What do you think of this beauty? Do you love it? If you would like to own it, it is easily found at various e-tailers, Amazon probably E-Bay, I would imagine (I don't shop The Bay, so please don't quote me on that one.) and dusties here and there. It isn't rare or HTF so don't pay an inflated price. 

Well, kids... Just one more day of purple to go. Please tune in tomorrow to see the conclusion. :) 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a lovely Autumn day and may your polish never bubble.