Colour Series ~ Purple Day Three

Hello gentle readers.

Today's purple polish is a real beauty. Deep, rich, velvety royal purple packed with delicious shimmer. It is gorgeous in the bottle and it is gorgeous on the nails.

And I have no clue what it's name is. This is a Color Club polish that I got in a set called All About Color. And the set had no names. None on the package, none on the bottles. So, this beauty is a mystery. Content to keep it's own council, it will share it's beauty. But not it's identity.

I applied two coats, topped it with top coat and shot the pics. Please click to see the yummy.




Color Club Mystery Purple is gorgeous. The formula is a deeply pigmented dark purple jelly packed with shimmer. This polish is sick. It applied like a dream, was smooth, silky and so easy to work with. I can't say any more about it, really. It's just fabulous. And yes, prettier in person than any photograph could ever portray. 

Do any of you polish experts have any clue what this one is? Can you put a name to the pretty? I can't. I have looked and looked and looked and nada. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.