In the Throes of Swatching

Hello gentle readers. I am in the throes of swatching my Wet-N-Wild polishes, now. I have three to go and should finish tomorrow morning. Time allowing, I may get them uploaded and posted by tomorrow night or the next morning. :D

Until then, please enjoy a couple of swatches of Finger Paints new Fall polish colours. I only bought two of those polishes. I wasn't too inspired by that collection and these were the only two that captured my imagination.

 Purple Pinstripe. A dusty medium purple creme. This is two coats with top coat. 

To-Tealy Cool. A dusty teal blue that reads to me cadet blue, not really teal. But, what do I know? lol This is two coats and top coat.

The formula of these polishes is pretty nice. Smooth, easy to apply. There was no streaking or bubbling. I had little cleanup and dry time is decent. 

These polishes are a little weird... They had yukky, dusty streaks running through them and there was some settled on the bottom of the bottles. It took a lot of shaking to get it all back together. Well, mostly. If you look at the bottles in person, they still have the streaks. Blech. 

But the colours are pretty. 

Okay, I hope that this will hold you over for a bit, while I get those new polishes swatched. :D Thanks for stopping by, have a great night and may your polish never bubble. 


  1. Both are very pretty .... dant wait to see the WnW swatches ..... I have 2 finger paint polishes and they also separate in the bottle

  2. A lot of the fall colors I've picked up have done this, and I can't seem to shake them back into any sense whatsoever! Ugh, it's driving me mad. These are two I didn't pick up and kind of wish I had, now. So freaking pretty.

  3. Polish Amor, this seems to be a problem for many FP polish owners. Must have been the batch, or formula.

    Wet-N-Wild is on it's way. I am uploading the photos, now. :D

  4. Nichole, I have had the same problem with some of my Fall cremes, too. I wonder if it is in the formulation? I know that companies swipe each others formulas and so forth. Maybe they all swiped each others flaws, this year. lolol The FP polishes were especially bad, for me.

  5. I like those, but Purple Pinstripe reminds me a LOT of Heavenly Hydrangea. A lot. Bring on the WnW!

  6. Gosh they are all soo gorgeous.


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