Look What I Saw, Today

Get a load of this, kids.

The new Wet-N-Wild Color Icon Ice Baby Limited Edition Collection.  *fans self* I know... Right? I almost fell over when I saw it! A bright, shiny, brand new, full! display of a LE W-N-W polish collection. In my podunk town! 

I had to pop into Walgreen's today to return that mascara that I reviewed recently and pick up my 'scripts. After doing those things, the plan was to high tail it to Ross and see if there were any of the Foiled or glitter collections in the bins. Maybe go to Sally's for a Haunting polish...

That was the plan. Fortunately, I couldn't resist taking a swing through the beauty section as I headed for the door. And I am glad that I did. Because I saw that Wet-N-Wild display. Buried under the top shelf. Kind of slightly hidden. But not from my peepers. Oh, no siree! Yes, I squealed a little. I couldn't believe that it was there, in full colour. Just perfect and full and... *fans self, again*

So, I drooled, hemmed, hawed, picked up a couple, put them down, picked a couple of others, put them down, debated with myself... Shot a craptastic pic with my phone and, deciding that Ross will be there another day and I could get the Haunting polishes any old time, and who knows when or if I would ever, ever see these polishes, again, I gleefully gathered one of all eight new colours into my hot little hands and shot off to the register to say a cheerful goodbye to my Color Club (maybe China Glaze) money. 

It was worth every dime, if you ask me. These are sooo pretty! There is a preview post coming up in the AM. I don't know when I am going to get to swatches... A part of me just wants to keep them and pet them. lol

Have you spotted these in your area, yet? Did you grab them? If you see them, snatch them up, fast before polish hogs like me wipe out half the display. Seriously. We are out there and we are greedy. ^^