Loreal False Fiber Lashes Mascara: A Review

Hello gentle readers. I wanted to do a quick review of a mascara I recently purchased. This is Loreal False Fiber Lashes mascara in Blackest Black. The latest in the Voluminous line, this mascara claims to give the wearer longer, fuller lashes thanks to the fibers in the formula. 

Photographs of the mascara in the package and the pretty, shiny tube. I admit, half the reason why I bought it is that the tube is so lovely. I am such a packaging whore. lol Sadly, I don't have any photographs of this mascara in action. I will explain why, later in this post.

 In the package.

 The tube. Ooooo! Shiny! I love these new shiny gold tubes. This one is also long and sleek and very architectural. 

The wand in this mascara is long and tapered, going from wider where it meets the wand to more narrow at the very end. The wand is made of plastic and has long teeth that stick out all over it. When the wand is pulled from the tube, it is loaded with plenty of product without being all gooped up with too much. There is the normal blob of mascara on the very end. Before you apply you need to give it a quick dab on a clean tissue. (I just do it on the back of my hand. Have for years. :)) 

The formula it's self is typical Loreal. It is a little on the wet side. I have used Loreal mascaras for many, many years and I am used to their formula so that doesn't bother me. In fact, it is normal to me. The little fibers are visible when you look at the wand but they don't fall off of the brush or get all over the place while you are applying. 

Application is pretty straight forward. This mascara goes on easily. I experienced very little clumping and what little I did have was easily corrected by a quick swipe with my lash comb. I applied two coats in quick succession. I have learned, from a few reviews that this mascara works best if you apply your first coat, re load your wand and get right in to do the second right away. Don't go do the other eye then come back. This mascara doesn't build well if allowed to dry for any length of time between coats. Application to the lower lashes was easy, thanks to the narrow end of the wand. This mascara gave me the longest lower lashes I have ever had! I also loved that that narrow end allowed me to get it right into the inner corner of my eyes and build up those teeny-tiny "baby" lashes. 

When I applied this mascara, I went from my pretty nice natural lashes to almost looking as if I were wearing false lashes. My lashes were nicely thickened; not as thick as when I use my Voluminous Million Lashes mascara (my current love) but they were nice and full. My lashes looked significantly longer. I was so happy. 

For a few minutes.

Then it happened. Irritation. Now, I have very sensitive eyes and mascara has always been a trouble area for me since most of the ones that I have tried have been rejected due to my eyes not reacting well to them. I have, for some funny reason always had good luck with the Voluminous line and Loreal mascaras, in general, so I was surprised when this mascara caused so much trouble for my eyes. I don't know what ingredient(s) bother my eyes but shortly after applying it and admiring my pretty, waving fans of lashes, I was forced to remove it and wash my face. 


I can't speak to how well this mascara wears. I don't know if it flakes or transfers or runs as I wasn't able to wear it longer than a few minutes. But for the short time I did have it on, I liked this mascara. I liked it a lot. It performed to my expectations. If not for the fact that it irritated my eyes, I would probably be in lash hog heaven with this stuff. Unfortunately I am going to have to return it. 

*Please remember, this is my personal experience with this product. Everyone is different and YMMV*

Have you tried this mascara? Did you like it? Please share, if you like.

Thanks for stopping by and reading and I'll talk to you, soon.