Manicure of the Moment: China Glaze Mummy May I

Hello gentle readers. Time for another Hallowe'en-y nail look.

This is China Glaze Mummy May I from last year's Awakening Collection for Hallowe'en. A beautiful, rich, blackened, vampy purple jelly packed with brighter purple square glitter. This polish is like Lubu Heels but different colours. This is Hallowe'en done pretty. Spooky and vampy, yet beautiful. These China Glaze Hallowe'en glitters are all so gorgeous. I recently received It's Alive from this year's collection and swatched it and oh, boy! Yummeh! I'll show that one, soon. Promise. :D

I applied two coats of Mummy May I and topped it with Seche Vite. I was happy. I was admiring my pretty, vampy, purple, sparkly nails. I was cleaning up and went to put a bottle of polish away and goued up my left middle finger nail. Dug a horrid divot right down to the nail. Careless slag, I am.

 One huge-ass divot. I already had somewhat smoothed it when I remembered to take a picture. It is still pretty impressive, tho. Doesn't it look like a gaping wound? 

After I took the pic, I went into fix it mode. I have become good at fixing nails that have this happen to them. I  smoothed it a little more, but the hole didn't fill in any more. So, time to fill. I started with a little base coat. Let it start to dry and then in with a dollop of polish, smoothed it in there as best I could and filled the divot. I let that dry for a couple then applied a full coat over the entire nail, topped with with Seche Vite and Buh-bam! I had this:

 Nice, neat, smooth nail, again. I got skillz. :D
 But I still felt as though I needed to disguise the spot a bit more. I didn't really need to. I was just being silly about it and thought it wasn't good enough. *sigh* I am so good at second guessing myself. lol So, I grabbed my Kiss Nails Hallowe'en stickers and applied some to both middle fingers and thumb nails. Blech. I don't like stickers. The edges and corners stick up, they are too thick... Yuk. Then I topped them with Seche Vite and the fun really began. The stickers curled and it all looked a real mess on a stick.

 See? Yuk. Curly stickers with corners and edges sticking up. Do not like.

So, I used a wood cuticle pusher to remove stickers before removing the polish so that I could redo the nails. The pusher also removed the polish in sheets. Sweet! Made for easier cleaning of the nails and I didn't ruin  my other nails. I re applied on those four nails and have this:

This polish makes me happy. The formula was really thick and gluey, not gloopy or particularly sticky, just really thick. One nice thing about it as it was? It was super easy to control. After I finished polishing, I dumped in a bunch of thinner and shook the stuffing out of it.

I had perfect opacity in two coats. This dries pretty fast and the surface is dull. It definitely needs top coat. This polish is a little top coat thirsty. I still have a little texture on the surface of my nails and could use a second coat of Seche Vite. I reapplied the four nails I messed up after thinning and the formula was so much better. And still opaque in two coats.

You might notice that all of my photographs, lately have been taken under my OttLight. It isn't because we don't have sun. We have sun-a-plenty. We also have a new common wall neighbour and her SO is a person who makes me uncomfortable, for some reason. I don't know what it is... I just know that I don't like to go outside alone, anymore. I don't feel free to go out and take my nail photos. I feel exposed and as if I am being scrutinized, or something. So I stay in. Particularly when I am home alone. So, until we move (we are officially in house hunt mode) I am going to be taking most of my polish photos indoors in my lightbox. I hope that you don't mind.

Okay, so I think that is about it. What do you think of Mummy May I? Do you own it? Love it? If you would like it, it is still pretty easy to get your paws on. I bought mine from Amazon. It isn't hard to find or rare, so don't let anyone try to get you to pay more than the customary asking price.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.