On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

And on the Wednesday before Hallowe'en we wear pink... Bats! :D

Hello gentle readers. It's been a while since I did a pink mani for Pink Wednesday and I wanted to get back into the swing of it and I also wanted to do something Hallowe'en-y so, I decided to do pink bats and make it spooky and girlie.

The base is Essie French Affair. A very soft, blue based sweet pink creme that to me reads a touch lilac. I applied three coats and topped it with Seche Vite.

All photographs were taken under my OttLight.

Essie French Affair is a bitch. Pretty, soft, girlie with the black heart of a demon. I struggled with this polish, applied three coats and it fought me hard, every frakking stroke of the way. The first coat was streaky and nasty. The second coat was a little less so. By the third, I was frustrated and pissed off and ready to lob the bottle. 

I finally, at the end of the third coat got it opaque and fairly smooth. But there were sharp lines around that clearly delineated every coat and I had to do so much cleanup as I applied, due to the nasty, ever gloopier formula that built up on the neck of the bottle and oddly ran and flooded and pooled on my cuticles. 


A thick coat of Seche Vite was the saving grace. Without it, I would have definitely had to remove this polish. As it was, the Seche melted this mess down and finished smoothing it out, including around the edges. Bleargh! I wore this polish as a pedi and that should have been my warning. But no... It wasn't. Will I wear this polish, again? I seriously doubt it. There are a gozillion beautiful pink polishes in this world and almost all of them have a better formula. I don't need this one. 

Pink bats. :D I used BM 213 and Color Club Hot Like Lava. (Yes, I will be swatching and writing up the Color Club Foiled collection, soon-soon. :D) I topped my finished design with Seche Vite. Hot Like Lava is amazingly easy to stamp. The image isn't super intense but I like it as it is. In person, my bats have a lovely shimmer and a touch of sparkle. I kinda like girlie pink bats all over my nails. :)

Okay, so... There is yet another attempt of mine at Hallowe'en nail art. I am doing better than last year, that's for sure. lol

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific Wednesday, everyone and may your polish never bubble.