Preview: Wet-N-Wild Color Icon Ice Baby Limited Edition Collection

Hello gentle readers. Today I have a little preview of the new Wet-N-Wild polish collection. Swatches will be forthcoming, soon, I promise. :D

 I think that I have been playing too much PhitDroid. :P Either that or I am under the impression that I am creative... I should have put the red one upside down, too. Oh vell. :)

The lineup of the suspects. From left to right: Believe Me, It's Real; a blue base packed with fine blue glitter and fuchsia sequins. It's All in the Cut;  lavender fine glitter with copper holo (very unusual! :D) sequins. Give Me a Price Quote is a light gold-green fine glitter with tiny bar glitter. Rockin' Rubies is red fine glitter and larger red sequins. 24 Carats; gold and dark gold glitter with fine bar glitter. Back Alley Deals is purple glitter with red sequins. Cost is No Issue is teal glitter with blue sequins and Diamond in the Rough is a dark grey and silver glitter with silver holo sequins.

These polishes come in .35 oz. square bottles. I did tiny swatches on my notes to refresh my memory for this post and while the polish is pretty the brushes are typical Wet-N-Wild. *sigh* I live in hope that one day they will hear our cries and do better with the brushes.

I keep admiring my little tiny swatches on paper. I may have to get to swatching these sooner than I thought. :D