Swatchity-Swatch Color Club Back to Boho Fall 2011 Collection

Hello gentle readers. I had a couple of requests for swatches of the Color Club Fall Back to Boho collection that I was lucky enough to find and purchase, recently. It took me a little while to get to it, but I got the swatches and photos done, uploaded and edited. I really had to boost the saturation on some of these photos, thanks to my camera washing the colours out. So please forgive my carrot fingers, here and there. I swatched all twelve colours in the same day. My cuticles are still in recovery mode. lol But the swatching was fun.

My dressing table, where I do my makeup and my nails. :D (This photograph was taken while I was swatching this collection.) I received this from a lovely person on Freecycle. Yes, the top is really messed up by acetone and remover. I plan to sand, paint and place a glass top on it, so I don't worry about the finish. Like my nasty, polish soaked drop cloth? Time for a new one! lol 

All righty then. 'Nuff jibber jabber. On to the real reason why we are all here. :D Fair warning: This is a long post! So I hope that you are well nourished and hydrated. lol

 Nomadic in Nude. A slightly green tinged putty. The green in this polish elevates what could be just another pale neutral to something a little more special. Sadly, the green didn't translate to my photographs. But it is there. I applied two coats and it looked opaque in person, but after I saw the photo on my 'puter, I realized that a third coat might have been a good thing. The crelly formula is a tad sheer but application was smooth and lovely. 

 Earthly Angel. A soft, rose clay tinted tan. This is three coats. The polish it's self is nice. I just do not like the colour. It is tan enough to really set my teeth on edge and I don't think that it is flattering to me. I am going to re home this one. I think that it needs to go live where it will be loved and used, don't you? This is another crelly formula. Silky smooth, it was very nice to work with. 

 New Bohemian. Golly, I love this one. It is a minty bluey-green along the lines of Orly Gumdrop and China Glaze For Audrey. Two polishes that I absolutely adore. Add this little sweetie to the list. This is three coats. Another crelly, it is a tad sheer, at first. The first coat was streaky but the last two coats made it all smooth, opaque and just... perfect. 

 Shabby Drab. Honey, there is nothing drab about this colour. This is a dusty blue jelly. And Mama like! Mama like it a lot. Sheer on the first coat, it is also pretty streaky. The second coat was smoother and more opaque but I had some bald patches that required that I apply a third coat to get it all even. I don't know if that business was the polish or my application. Either way,after applying the earlier polishes, I was expecting to do a third coat, so no biggie.

 Rad Nomad. Dusty, dirty purple. This creme is silky, smooth, gorgeous. I applied two dreamy coats. This stuff is stupid shiny and if you wanted to, you could go top coat-less. But I don't suggest it. ;) For this swatch I left the top coat off of my index finger nail. Gah! I love this one. 

 I present to you the oh so yummeh Red-Ical Gypsy. Now you know me and my love of a good red; and I love this good red. This is a blue based red jelly that has just enough dirt thrown in to give it a bit of a dusty brick quality. This colour is rich and more complex than one would imagine it to be. It has a surprising substance and body to it. This polish is a bit sheer and I needed three coats to get it fully opaque. Application was dreamy; it is smooth, silky and beautifully biddable. Shiny, shiny I left the top coat off of my middle finger nail to show how gorgeous it is on it's very own. 

 Next in line; Rebel Spirit. This is a deep, rich, dark chocolate brown. I love dark chocolate. Love, love, love it. To eat. I don't love it all over my nails. I wish that I could. I applied two coats of this thick, creamy jelly like concoction. It was a tad problematic, wanting to flood and pool at my cuticles. I had to really keep up with it with my cleanup brush. It is mad shiny, I left off the top coat from my middle finger nail so that you could see the beautiful shine this polish has on it's own. This is another polish that I am planning to re home. It deserves a loving forever home. 

 Mmm... Why, hello Artsy Craftsy! Aren't you something? A lovely, deeply pigmented dirty forest green jelly. I applied two smooth, silky coats for an opaque, beautiful finish. Another shiny beauty. Another one I love. There is a nasty fibre on my middle finger nail. You might or might not see it. I considered cleaning it off and doing it over but my cuticles were hollering at me and I just wanted to get done so I left the danged thing where it was and forged on. Did I mention that I love this polish?  

 *sigh* Blue Topia. This is two coats. I had such high hopes for this polish. From the bottle colour I was truly hoping for that sparkling, translucent antique bottles in a window cobalt blue. Kind of my holy grail polish colour. And one I have yet to find. I didn't find it here. Blue Topia is a cobalt blue and it is a translucent jelly. Sadly, it needs more then one coat. The first is streaky and when that second coat goes on, the cobalt blue is lost in a morass of near black darkness. If you venture to wear this polish, use care upon application and removal to keep it off of your cuticles and skin or you will look Smurf-tastic when you are done. This beauty stains skin. Badly. Most deep blues do, so please don't think I am trashing this one. ;)

 I am thinking that I would like to play around with application of this polish... See if I can, with just one hefty coat achieve the colour I dream of. I am willing to accept VNL and even a little streakyness, if it came out looking like antique cobalt bottle glass. We'll see. 

 Ugh. Do I have to show this one? This is Boho Mojo. It is pretty in the bottle. The bottle lies. So bad. This polish is, in my opinion, a dud of epic proportions. A frosty muck comprised of slightly silvery gold and olive green, misses the promise given when looking at it in the bottle. This guck is sheer, nasty frosty and so brushstroke-y that I could only stand to apply two coats, (tho it desperately needed three or four but... yeah...) top coat it, fire off a few photographs before I had to get it off my nails. Blech! Another one to go to a new home. As they say, one woman's polish castoff is another woman's polish treasure and I hope that someone would love this, since I can't. 

 Oh, Nouveau Vintage. Where have you been all of my life? This polish reminds me of antique brocade. Rich,  complex, full of shine and texture with a subtle sparkle. This beauty has a violet jelly base and is packed full of duochrome shimmer that shifts green/bronze/gold. So lovely. Couldn't you just see a gown made of silk in these colours? *drool* Oh yeah... This is two coats. 

And last, but most certainly not least we have my pick for favourite of this collection. Voodoo You Do. Oh boy! I just want to fall down when I get an eyeful of this one. Seriously. Make. Me. Hurt. This is two coats of bluey/greeny/steel grey shimmah that shifts and moves as your fingers do. My photographs couldn't begin to do this one justice. I tried. I really tried. This one is ever so slightly brushstroke-y. But the colour and texture are so stunning, I can forgive it. This is another one I would love to get hold of in a bolt of silk. Could you just imagine this draped and wrapped around you? Guh!

I have a quick word for the base and top coats that were included with this collection. I used them while doing these swatches and to be perfectly honest, I wasn't too happy with them. The base coat was thick but it was also really runny, it constantly flooded my cuticles and drove me crazy! It is nothing like the oh-so-fabulous Color Club Milky White Base Coat which I happen to love with an almost slavish devotion. 

The top coat was just about as bad. Also thick, it reminded me, upon application of Seche Vite. Which I liked. And that is where my liking ended. While it seems to dry quickly, it is also a bubble factory. Every time I lifted the brush out or put it back in, more and more bubbles formed then spread themselves all over my nails. Yikes! I used this top coat for two swatches, then had to switch over to Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat to keep my swatches from looking as if they had been top coated with champagne. 

Okay, so there you have it. My swatches of This Fall's Color Club Back to Boho Collection. What do you think of these beauties? Do you own them? Love on them? Want them?? They are in wide release and really easy to find. I scored my collection at my local Ross. I am so grateful that Ross is able to sell Color Club collections at the price point they offer as I am able to buy and show and enjoy collections that would otherwise be unattainable to me. 

All right. I must run along. If you made it through this whole post, I salute you. I am going to set this to post with the oh so handy and easy to use feature that lets one write up an entry and have it post automatically when I want it to. I just recently learned how to use it and I am so happy that I did. :D

Thank you for popping in and reading this marathon post. I hope that you have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble. 


  1. Nice collection! I really like this one but I think I'm going to have to see it in person before I make my final decision. Looks like a trip to Ross is in order!

  2. Nouveau Vintage = GORGEOUS! I want! you did a great job with all the swatches, I probs would have given up after 2 polishes!
    Grace xx

  3. I LOVEEEE all of these except that gucky frost. I would pick these up in packs because of that! I'm sure I can find some hole to stuff that frost into. You did a monster swatch session! Phew. Everything looks great to me! <3

  4. Oh I love that first one! And your purple color series had me licking the screen.

  5. Blue Topia and Boho Mojo are such duds! Great colors other wise!

  6. ooh lovely swatches heaven. hmm i don't know about this collection aside from noveau vintaage everything else looks i can find it many other places. lol but i love the dusty purple/forest green ones.

  7. Let me go get a glass of water,lol! I just got back from shopping,and picked up the 2nd half of this collection at my Ross.

  8. This is a beaut, Laura. I hope that you have good luck finding it at your local Ross. :S

  9. Grace, Nouveau Vintage is gorgeous. I love it. :) Heh heh, swatching is fun. A little tough on the cuticles... :D

  10. Nikki, I knew that you would love this collection. Except for the gucky frost. You and I are soul sisters in our dislike of frost. :D

    I am trying to figure out something to do with that one. I may just dump it into an old acetone bottle, clean the bottle and use it for a franken. I doubt anyone will want the awful thing. lol

  11. Drazzie, Nomadic in Nude is a beauty and it would look smashing on you. :D I am so happy that you enjoyed my purple series. But dude, don't lick your screen. At least wait until you have disinfected it... ;)

  12. Diva, I am so glad that you found colours that you like. :) Mojo is dead to me. The jury is still out on Blue Topia.

  13. Pretty, that is one special polish. Happily, some of these colours are new to me. My stash isn't quite big enough to have a huge number of dupes, yet. lol I'm glad that you liked the swatches and found something that you love. :)

  14. Thalie, I am so glad that you found it. I hope that you love it. :D

  15. Shannara, the consensus seems to be that Nouveau Vintage is a fave of just about everyone. :)

  16. If you're looking for a dark blue jelly that REALLY DELIVERS, try Nfu-Oh 119. It's lighter and more translucent than Color Club Blue-Topia. Google it!


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