Swatchity-Swatch: Revlon Blue Mosiac and Nail Art Fail

Hello gentle readers.

Just to be clear, I don't "hate" crackle. I don't have good luck with it. I can't make it work for me so I don't use it. I was just having a little fun at my bottle of crackle's expense. I know that a good shake, shake, shake would return it to perfect working order.  ;)

Okay, so how's about a swatch? Then I'll show you some really busted up bad nail art. 'Cause I'm just a giver, that way. Today I have a really, really pretty polish to show you. This is Revlon Blue Mosiac. A sheer, pale blue jelly filled with tiny blue glitter and larger aqua, green and silver hex sequins. This stuff is so icy cool, delicate and sparkly. It looks like a mermaid grotto, sunlight sparkling off of water, an aquamarine. I love this glitter.

I did something different on each nail to show this polish's range.

 Under my OttLight in my lightbox. (I am still loving saying that. I am such a dweeb. lol) Pinkie, one coat. Ring, three coats. Middle one coat over a coat of Wet-N-Wild black creme. Index, two coats. (I kinda goobered that one up.) Topped with top coat. 

 In shade.

 In direct sun.

Wowsa! Look at that sparkle! You should have seen in in person. It blinged my eyes and made my poor old camera weep. Seriously. Sparkly and just so pretty. :D

Swatching this one was a real cluster fuck. (I don't get to say "cluster fuck" very often, tee hee.) I think I had swatch fatigue (yes, I am still trying to make "swatch fatigue" happen ;p) by the time I got to this beauty and it just gave me a world of trouble. It flooded some of my cuticles, blobbed in spots, forcing me to clean it off and re do it. Several times on several nails. Again, I think that most of that was my fault, since I was at that point in my swatch party (yes, I totally stole that... I am a shameless phrase swiping ho bag ;)) when I wanted to get done and get my mani on. So, I am not placing all of the blame on the polish. Glitters can be a mixed bag, some easier, some a little more difficult and I think that this one just needed a little more care than I was willing to give it, at that time. 

Besides, it's so danged pretty that it was worth a little fuss. I mean, just look at the sparkle in that last photo! :D

Okay, so... I did a little nail art yesterday. And the finished product was the result of over thinking, over working and not listening to my first instincts. And I am going to try this, again. And I am going to go with my first idea. lol Wanna see my yukky nails? I would have already cleaned this off but I don't have time, this morning so I have to wear it, for now. Blech!

I call it, "Headed Home". The little ghosties are all headed back to their spooky houses after a hard night of haunting. 

My instincts told me to make the moons smaller and skip the ghosts. Did I listen? Nooooo. I can be such a moron, sometimes. 

Okay so, this is long enough, so I'll let you go. Thanks for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 

And yes, I am going for the world's record for the biggest abuser of parentheses in a single blog post. Am I close, yet? Heh heh.