Urgh! Swatch Fest Fail and... Well, Just Read On

So, here's the thing... I figured that since holos were winning by such a large margin in my former Colour Series poll, I'd get a jump on things, swatch them and get them ready to go. Swatching fail ensued. You see, due to reasons I have written about before, I am only photographing polish under my OttLight. And... It just doesn't fire holos like the sun does. All of my photographs were just not what they should have been. Could have been. The holo was weak and barely showed and I was so unhappy with the photos that I deleted all of them and took my poll down.

Gah! All of that wasted effort, time, battery power and polish!!! Gah!

I will pick up my Colour Series with holos when we find a new place to live and get moved. Until then, I am going to just have fun with other kinds of polish, ones that do well under an OttLight. I am sorry if I disappointed anyone. I really, really am but if you read here regularly, you know why this has to be as it is, for now. Believe me when I say that I am not only disappointed, I am furious. I shouldn't have to feel this way where I live. Seriously. And I can't wait to find a new house and move the fuck out of this condo. I really, really can't. May the house gods hear my cry and the right place fall into our lives, soon. (It usually works that way for us, for some reason. lol)

So, anyway, that is what is going on with that.