Wet-N-Wild I *heart* Matte Eight Pan Matte Eye Shadow Palette Swatches and Review

Hello gentle readers.

I recently found the Wet-N-Wild Beauty Bar at my local Walgreen's, where these palettes are an exclusive, limited edition item. The price of this palette and the baked shadow palettes is $4.99. I almost fell over when I saw it... My local Wag's is a little hit or miss with the LE stuff so I wasn't expecting to see it. Of course, I grabbed one so fast, my hand was a mere blur, out and back. I also bought two of the baked palettes, I'll take pics and do swatches of those as soon as I get some more batteries for my camera. :D

The eight pan matte palette is housed in very bare bones plastic packaging. It includes eight pans of eye shadow and a double ended sponge applicator/brush. I have tried to use the sponge applicator/brush, just for fun and I am not at all impressed with the quality or how they apply the product. I just toss them.

Photographs are clickable, as always if you would like more detail.

 The palette as it arrived home with me. I love, love, love that Wet-N-Wild is so careful to seal their makeup so well. I can buy their products knowing that there is absolutely no chance that someone has swatched or outright used the product then returned it to the shelf. Unlike some brands with very easy to remove and replace seals or no seals, at all *cough* Revlon, Loreal *cough* the seals on Wet-N-Wild products are tight and very tamper resistant. 

 The palette, open. On the left are four brights; clear, bright white, a medium green, a Caribbean blue and a bright purple. On the right there are four neutrals; a soft, light tan, a deeper, peachy-tan, a deep rich chocolate brown and solid black.

 Some of my shadows have some sparkles in them, particularly the bright green, blue and purple. I also detected a very few in the dark brown shadow on the neutral side. I know that this is nit-picky stuff, but in my personal opinion, matte means no shimmer, no sparkle. Like I said, nit-picky. The sparkles aren't dense or really obvious and I can certainly live with their presence.  :)

Swatches. I applied these with my fingers to the back of my hand. I didn't use primer, just stroked them on to lightly moisturized skin. 

 Swatchity-swatch: The bright side: Clean white. Bright, parrot green. Clear, cool Caribbean blue and a medium, true purple. These colours are saturated and pretty true. If you enlarge this photograph, you can see the sparkles in the green, blue and purple.

The neutrals: Soft, near skin tone tan beige. A warm, peachy tan. Chocolate brown and black. These are warm and quite rich. 

I am so pleased at the quality of these shadows. Honestly, I was expecting them to be hard, a bit chalky and not have great pigmentation and patchy, uneven application. Happily I was very wrong. These shadows are soft and fairly velvety but they aren't so soft or fragile that they fall apart if you press into them with a brush or your finger. They felt smooth when I ran my finger across them and I picked up a ton of colour with each soft stroke. The colour transferred with pretty nice payoff and little fallout. 

I haven't worn these, yet. I am planning to take them for a tumble, today and I will give an update when I do. If these shadows perform as nicely as the rest of my Wet-N-Wild shadows do, I am going to be a happy girl. And may have to nip into Walgreen's and grab a backup of this palette, while I can still get it. :D

Have you found the Wet-N-Wild Beauty Bar at your local Walgreen's yet? Did you get the eight pan matte palette? Maybe some of the baked shadow palettes, too? My local Walgreen's likes to hide these displays, so peek around corners, down from end caps and look up high, so see if they are lurking above, waiting to be brought down. If the items are out on the floor, even up high, you can buy them. :D

If you are in the Prescott, Arizona area and looking for these, I found them at Walgreen's on Willow Creek Road.