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China Glaze Ring in the Red and a Comparison With Ruby Pumps

Good Wednesday morning, gentle readers. I hope that all of my fellow Thanksgiving celebrants are about ready. I am getting there. I still have a little last minute shopping to finish up and I need to bake off a couple of pies, tonight. (Hubbs wants pumpkin and son wants Dutch apple.) We aren't doing up a big dealio, this year. It will just be hubbie and son and I. Which is kind of nice. Sometimes a quiet holiday is refreshing and relaxing. Tho I admit, when we do a quiet one, I miss having my house full. So, today I have the last (possibly for now) of my China Glaze Let it Snow Winter/Holiday Collection polishes to show to you. This is Ring in the Red. I had to order this one from Amazon, as it was completely sold out at my local Sally's and as far as I know, that is the only place I can get China Glaze in my area. Blech. Small towns... Anyway, China Glaze Ring in the Red is a beautiful, very clean, extremely bright, almost metallic red glitter polish in the same vein as It

OPI DS Mystery

Good morning, gentle readers. I hope that everyone is staying warm and cozy and that everyone who was pounded by the Hallowe'en week Nor'easter have your lights back, at last. This morning I would like to submit for your perusal OPI Designer Series Mystery. I lemming'd this polish for a long time and was tickled to finally get it. And, while it is lovely I feel a little let down by it. I don't think that it isn't gorgeous stuff, it is. But I was expecting Designer Series gorgeous and in my opinion, this polish, like so many of the newer DS polishes isn't living up to the name, to the reputation that OPI Designer Series has built over the years. OPI DS Mystery is a deep, highly pigmented royal purple jelly packed with gold, multichromatic glitter. Glitter that in the bottle has an interesting multichrome shift from gold to bronze to green but doesn't really show on the nail. On the nail, the glitter does shift to bronze but I miss the green. It shows occa

Swatchity-Swatch: Color Club Perfect Mol-Ten

Hello gentle readers. How'z about another Color Club Foiled swatch? Today I have for you Perfect Mol-Ten; a beautiful, soft, silvery green foil. This is two coats and top coat. I like this one. Green is a polish colour about which I feel slightly conflicted. I didn't like green, at all for many years. For most of my life, I refused to wear green (except when I was a Girl Scout) and only began to allow it into my life in recent years. I never thought that I would wear green nail polish and I still don't, all that often but I am buying and wearing more green polish, all the time. In fact, I just acquired the two new China Glaze Let it Snow greens. :D What do you think of this pretty little charmer? Like it? Want to wear it? I found my Foiled collection at my local Ross. Foiled is also available from various e-tailers, the Color Club website and wherever else you can find Color Club polishes. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment. I really appreciate it. Oh