China Glaze Holly-Day

Good morrow, my lords and my ladies. I trust this day finds you well.

Today I have a new polish from the Winter/Holiday Let It Snow Collection from China Glaze. I have purchased just abut all of the colours I want from this collection... I am still debating one or two. I may yet acquire Winterberry and Velvet Bow. We'll see. I passed on Icicle and Champagne Bubbles, altogether. I need another silver foil like I need to be thrown into the Tower and Champagne Bubbles just doesn't speak to me.

The first colour from this collection I have to share is Holly-Day. This is a delicious Christmas tree green crelly. Not really original or different, to be sure. Mayhap you don't need yet another creamy green polish, but it you do want or need one, this is a lovely addition to any polish collection.

Photograph is clickable to enlarge and was taken under my OttLight in my lightbox.

The formula of this polish is nearly perfect. It is smooth, creamy, silky and applies beautifully. I was able to control this polish easily and had little cleanup. I have nothing but lovely things to say about this polish. It really is gorgeous in every way.

Are you snapping up the Let It Snow collection? Have you acquired this particular polish? Love it?

I just wanted to remind my readers that if you haven't entered my giveaway, you have until tomorrow at midnight, Mountain Standard Time to get your entries in. Please click here  if you would like to enter.

Okay, time for me to run along and make some porridge and break my fast. Thank you all so much for coming by and reading and your kind comments. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.

And yes, I read way too many historical novels. :D


  1. This is such a gorgeous green! I love it!

  2. Such a lovely color; it looks very nice on you. I almost bought it a couple of weeks ago but passed thinking it was too similar to Starboard but I'm adding it to my wishlist :)

  3. Wow this is very pretty. I almost bought this in ChG's Holiday 4-piece mini set, but I put it back because I have colors similar to the other 3 in the pack. I need to get this green though!

  4. oh my! This colors is very beautiful and bright :)

  5. This one was one of my picks, too! I loved it. I did a few side by sides with other greens in my collection and I don't have *quite* the same shade, so I'm glad I went ahead and nabbed it. I didn't get the red cremes, or the other two you mentioned. I kind of want the darker, cranberry red looking creme though. Your swatch is gorgeous!

  6. Greeneyespinknails, I have Starboard, as well. I don't think that it is a dupe. I should do a comparison. Hmmm... I think that I will. Thanks for the idea. :)

  7. Jess, this is a pretty green and worth having, IMO. :)

  8. All That Glitters, it really is lovely. I am glad that you like it.

  9. Niki, I need to do some comparisons. It would be fun to see how this one stacks up with a couple of greens I currently have.

    I am debating getting Winterberry and Velvet Bow. I will probably cave and buy them. You know me and red... :P

    Thank you for your kind words, my friend. You are so sweet. <3


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