China Glaze Ring in the Red and a Comparison With Ruby Pumps

Good Wednesday morning, gentle readers. I hope that all of my fellow Thanksgiving celebrants are about ready. I am getting there. I still have a little last minute shopping to finish up and I need to bake off a couple of pies, tonight. (Hubbs wants pumpkin and son wants Dutch apple.) We aren't doing up a big dealio, this year. It will just be hubbie and son and I. Which is kind of nice. Sometimes a quiet holiday is refreshing and relaxing. Tho I admit, when we do a quiet one, I miss having my house full.

So, today I have the last (possibly for now) of my China Glaze Let it Snow Winter/Holiday Collection polishes to show to you. This is Ring in the Red. I had to order this one from Amazon, as it was completely sold out at my local Sally's and as far as I know, that is the only place I can get China Glaze in my area. Blech. Small towns...

Anyway, China Glaze Ring in the Red is a beautiful, very clean, extremely bright, almost metallic red glitter polish in the same vein as It's Alive from the Hallowe'en Haunting collection and it's sister polish Tinsel Town from this collection. A red jelly base packed with small red glitter and larger red hex sequins. This is beautiful. Utterly shiny and so, so sparkly. It is Christmas ornaments and bright red lights and tinsel all swirled into a blender and smoothed onto your nails.

This is three coats topped with top coat. Oddly, it differs from it's sister polishes in that respect. It's Alive and Tinsel Town only required two coats. Oh well. No big... this is hugely beautiful and I don't mind smoothing on one more easy coat. This polish was photographed in my lightbox under my OttLight.

The formula of this glittery beauty is just as lovely as it's green and silvery twins. Smooth and easy to apply, the glitter spreads dreamy easy, this polish is controllable and I needed little if any cleanup. I did have to apply three coats, this jelly base it a tad more sheer than the others of this type but as I said earlier, this polish is so nice to apply that I don't mind putting on a third coat. Dry time is good for this polish, it definitely wants a good top coat.

This is quite different from all of my other red glitter polishes. I needed another red glitter polish like I needed another hole in my head but I just can't resist them. So, I bought it and love it. :D

While I was playing with this polish, I got curious and I decided that I wanted to see if it was similar to China Glaze Ruby Pumps. So I cleaned it off of my index and ring fingers and applied three coats of Ruby Pumps to those nails.

As you can see, while these are both beautiful, sparkly red jelly based glitter polishes, they are very different. Ruby Pumps is a deeper, true ruby red jelly, cool and clear packed with small, square glitter. Ruby Pumps sparkles and it also dances and scintillates. This polish is one of my top ten faves and it was my very first China Glaze polish and I love, love, love it. Ring in the Red is brighter, cleaner, it looks warmer, next to Ruby Pumps and has that clean, hard, almost metallic look to it. It makes me think of Christmas tree ornaments. Both of these polishes are beautiful in their own, individual way and , in my own not so humble opinion, worth owning.

So, have you acquired Ring in the Red, yet? Do you also own Ruby Pumps? Do you love them both as well as I do?

Thank you so much for coming in and having a read. Have a terrific day, I hope it isn't too crazy for you. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.


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