China Glaze Tinsel Town

Hello gentle readers.

My eyes are bleary and I am gulping coffee. I just can't kick it out of first gear, this morning. I hate mornings. :P I know that I haven't responded to comments in a couple of days. Not because I didn't want to. I got caught up in something yesterday and didn't get back here. I will get to them as soon as I can. I will also be announcing the winner of my Fall Giveaway, soon. I am just finishing up verifying entries. So keep your eyes peeled. :D

Today's China Glaze Let it Snow Collection for Winter/Holiday 2011 love fest continues with Tinsel Town. This stunner is the silvery, holiday sister to the Haunting Collection's It's Alive. The same beautiful tinted base, tiny square and large hex sequins. Only rather than that gorgeous spooky-glam green, this version is a gorgeous, sparkling silver grey. I could see this stunning glitter gracing the nails of various party goers' nails over the festive season and ringing in the new year.

For this swatch I applied two coats and top coat.

*drool* As gorgeous as this is in photographs, to fully appreciate it, you need to get it on your nails. And that is an easy task, indeed. The formula of this polish is, like her Hallowe'en-y sister is just perfect. Some glitters, as lovely as they are can be a bit of a... Pain, shall we say? To apply. Not this one. It glides right on, evenly distributing the glitter, paving your nails in silvery grey splendor. This polish goes and sits right down where placed. I think I picked up my cleanup brush once? Maybe? While I painted this stuff on. That is pretty huge, for this notoriously sloppy polisher, let me tell you! :D

So, are you sufficiently enabled? Already own this beauty? If you be a lusting after it, it is easy to find and just waiting to jump into your cart and come home with you. Won't you give it a loving home?

Thank you all so much to popping in. have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.