A Couple of "Techie" Questions

Hello gentle readers. I hope that your weekend is rocking. :)

I have a couple of questions for all of you; I am hoping that some of you will have answers for me and can help. My puter skillz and Google fu fail me.

First, I am thinking of changing my comments system from the one provided by Blogger. It isn't that I think it is a bad comment system but I would love to have one in place that I can moderate comments as they come in and reply to them, in line then publish everything so that I don't miss any comments. I am trying to be better about responding to all of the comments I receive and I want to do a better job of it.

So, for those of you who use another comments system, which do you use? Is it easy to use? Do your readers like the system you use? Was it easy to install and does it work seamlessly with your blog? Easy installation must be super simple, as I can't do code and I won't risk killing my blog by digging around in it's brain. I can do simple things with HTML, as long as I have a detailed step by step, it is easy and I am not going to risk my blog.

Second, I want to delete some old posts. And I am happy to let the comments go with them. (Just old giveaway posts. Not anything important.) If I delete the posts, will the comments go with them? Or will they still be here and I'll have to hunt them down on the Comment tab on my dashboard? If anyone knows, please to help and zap me with a clue?

Thank you sooo much for any answers and help you can pass along. I really appreciate it! <333

Seriously, computer shit makes me feel like this: