Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello gentle readers. I hope that all of you who celebrate are having a fabulous day. As for those of you who don't? I hope that you are having a fabulous day, as well. <3 (What did you think I was going to say? :P)

I want to tell all of my gentle readers that one of the things I am thankful for, this day are all of you. Without your support, comments and your own blogs that inspire and delight me, I wouldn't have this fun, creative outlet for my frustrated artistic side. I have met and get to correspond with so many lovely ladies through this venue. Ladies of all ages, from many different parts of my country and around the world. I appreciate each and everyone who comes by to read, who takes the time and care to write a thoughtful, insightful comment and actually follows this blog. You all fill my day with gladness.

So, I am heating my oven to begin the dinner preps. First, my son's Dutch apple pie gets baked off. Oops! my oven just beeped. Be right back... Okay, that is in, baking and starting to smell goooood! While I was gone, I did some housework and a little kitchen prep. I am just doing a turkey breast, since it is just the three of us and it doesn't make sense to do a whole bird. The turkey breast will go in just before we take off for the lake. The three of us (hubbie, son and myself) are going for a nice hike to burn off Thanksgiving dinner, beforehand.

Okay, 'nuff nattering. On with the show. Today's polish pretties come to us courtesy of Revlon. (Well not courtesy, exactly, I did buy these... ;)) Three of the Spice it Up collection polishes. This is, if I remember correctly, a LE collection and is out in drugstores, now. I bought three:

Glitz and Glam. A thin, light burgundy jelly packed full of pink small square glitter. This one reminds me a bit of China Glaze Mrs. Clause from their Holiday collection, 2010. Maybe I should do a comparison? This is two coats. It was a little streaky and uneven on the first coat but turned into a perfect, smooth sparkling layer of glittery goodness with the second coat. Top coat made it even better, as it does dry a bit dull. Mama like. :D

Next up is the polish that is, in my opinion, the star of this particular collection. Mistletoe. It appears to be a deep, greyed green packed with gold glass fleck shimmer. But in truth, this polish isn't green. It is a deep, greyed blue jelly packed with gold glass fleck shimmer. It is that gold glass fleck that makes this polish appear green. To add to the fun and awesome that is this polish, the shimmer is a little duochrome and does a delightful shift as you move your hands and the light changes. The formula is a little thin but not watery and it was pretty nice to apply and dried fast. This is two coats with top coat.

And here is Snow Bunny. This is a frost-like sheer white polish. Not "frosty" as in, nasty and brush stroke-y and gross. No, this polish looks like frost stroked onto the nails. It is a sheer white base filled with iridescent shimmer and teeny-tiny flakies of wonderment. As you can see from my photographs, this polish couldn't be opaque if you paid it to be. And it doesn't need to be. Layering is what this pretty was born to do. 

I applied one coat on my pinkie, two on my ring, three on my middle and one coat over Mistletoe on my index. (Please be kind and pretend that my nails aren't stained.) This applies like a dream, dries in a trice and shines like the Winter sun on a layer of frost on the ground. Lovely. 

I am so very pleased with the formula of all of these polishes. In fact, Revlon really seems to be stepping up their game, formula wise. Their newer polishes have consistently better formulas. Makes me wonder if they are reading our blogs? :D Good job, Revlon. Keep up the good work. 

Do you own any of these Winter/Holiday themed pretties? What do you think of them? Are you as pleased with them as I am? Please share. And if you would like to see a comparison with Glitz and Glam and Mrs. Clause, let me know and I will make it happen. 

Thank you for popping in and reading this loooooong entry. If you got through it all, I will pass you a slice of Dutch apple pie. You earned it! lol Have a great rest of your day and for my fellow Americans, Happy Thanksgiving!

And of course, may your polish never bubble. ;)


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