How To Add Falling Leaves, Snowflakes, Flowers and So Forth To Your Blog

Hello gentle readers.

I got some compliments on my falling leaves from a few readers and they expressed interest in a how to so... Here it is. :)

First of all, getting leaves or snow to fall on your blog is super-duper easy. It is all copy, paste and click. Trust me, if I can do this, anyone can! :D This how to is for those of you with Blogger blogs. I don't know how other formats work or if these codes would be compatible with your not Blogger blog. Check the individual sites, for more info on that.

I want to address from where your leaves/snow/flowers/whatever you decide to have falling will fall. I use the Picture Window template, as I needed to have a three column blog and I couldn't change my old two column Minima to three column. At least not without using a clone and a dangerous to my blog hack that I had no confidence I could pull off. So, I chose Picture Window from the custom template thingy here on Blogger. Picture Window doesn't allow more then one gadget at the top of the blog page, (unlike Minima, which allows multiple gadgets at the top of the page) and that space, on my blog is taken up by my custom header. So, my leaves begin falling below my header.

It's a small thing, it doesn't really bug me but it would be nice if Blogger would fix Picture Window so that we could have more gadgets at the top of the page. Hint, hint, Blogger... ;)

Okay, so. Getting leaves or snow is easy-peasy. All you have to do is click one of these links. This one has snowflakes and the leaves you see on my blog. Just scroll down a little and you will see the items and the codes. There is also instructions for making custom falling objects, if you are a little more tech savvy. Imagine tiny gemstones, flowers, teeny tiny polish bottles or lipsticks floating down your page. I need to figure that one out! :D

Here is one for snow. When you reach the page, just scroll down past the raggle baggle. The code and so forth is on the left hand side of the page. (I have not tried this one. Tho, when it is time to go Winter I will give it a shot. If you try it before I do, let me know what you think and shoot me a link so I can see it in action. :D)

And here is snow from Shabby Blogs. I haven't tried this one, either. I used to use their backgrounds all of the time, but when I changed templates, I didn't have much luck with their backgrounds. But I don't see why the snow wouldn't work, even with Picture Window or another custom Blogger template.

Okay, once you have selected the effect that you want, installing it is easier then being pushed off of a chair.

 Be logged into your Blog.

Go to the page that has the effect you want to display and find the appropriate code for that effect. Copy and paste the code. To do that, simply line your cursor up with the first character of the code and, while dragging it down, hold down your left mouse or touchpad key. This will highlight the code. Press Ctrl c on your keyboard. Now you have copied the code to your computer.

Click Design in the navigation bar or on your dashboard. You will get your Edit Layout page. Go to the top of the page (for Minima) or to the top of your column (for Picture Window) and click Add a Gadget. A box will pop up giving you gadget options. Scroll down until you fine the one titled HTML/JAVASCRIPT. Click to open the gadget. Now, paste the code into the large, lower box. Not up in the upper skinny box! If you paste there, your effect won't work. To paste, make sure that your cursor is in the big box, left click, then press Ctrl v on your keyboard. You should see your copied code in the box. Click SAVE.

The new HTML/JAVASCRIPT gadget will show either at the top of your page or column. If you need to move it, just drag it where you want it at this time. I have two going, one at the top of both my right and left hand columns so that my whole page gets leaves. I found that just one didn't give much coverage. Once your gadgets are where you want them, click save changes at the top of the page, click View Blog and enjoy your leaves or snow.

If the effect doesn't work, don't freak out. You may have just missed copying a little bit of the code. HTML won't work if you miss even one little tiny bit of the code. Just go back to the web page where your effect code is from and try copying it, again. Then go back to your Edit Layout page and click on the gadget you just installed. Delete the code in the box and paste in the code you newly copied, save (if you have to use two, like I do, remember to change both gadgets) and check your blog, again. As long as you copy the entire code properly, it should work just fine. :D

Okay, so there you go. I know that this is a lot of nattering but trust me, getting falling leaves or snow is so easy and fun. If you try the snow from Shabby Blogs or that whateverbusiness page and like it, please let me know in a comment and shoot me a link so that I can see it in action.

I think I covered everything. If you think that I missed anything or you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Remember, I am not a tech goddess but I will help as much as I am capable.

Thank you for reading and have a good one.