Loreal Owl's Night

Hello gentle readers.

Today I offer for your perusal Loreal Owl's Night. This polish was one of eight polishes that were part of Loreal's Project Runway Limited Edition collection, early this Fall. Of all of the polishes in that collection, this is the only one that caught my eye.

I don't have much experience with Loreal polishes. The only other one I ever owned was a shade called Rose Potpourri. It was a beautiful, rich, deep rose creme polish. I also owned the matching lipstick. And wore them both, together. All of the time. Hey, it was the Eighties. ;) In fact, Rose Potpourri was the polish I was wearing, the day my son was born. I saw that shade for sale back earlier last year on one of those little independent beauty products websites. You know the ones, that sell lots and individual items of mostly discontinued makeup and so forth. I really wanted it but couldn't order it, at that time. And when I was able to, I couldn't find the website, any longer. I keep checking places like dollar stores and Big Lots. Hey, you never know. :D

Anywhoozle, before I got to nattering on about something totally off topic, I was talking about Loreal Owl's Night. A dark, greyed purple base packed with duochrome colour shifting gold glass fleck shimmer. This polish is beautiful. It is dark and mysterious and it does evoke the creature for which it is named. I applied two coats and topped it with Seche Vite.

These photos were taken in my lightbox under my OttLight. They are clickable if you are so inclined.

Owl's Night has a right decent formula. It is thin but not runny. It was easy to apply and control and I didn't have to do much cleanup. I really liked the brush in this polish. It is a wide brush. Not quite as wide or soft as my all time fave, the OPI Pro-Wide brush but it is a pretty nice brush that did a good job for me. Dry time was pretty fast with this polish.

Sadly, this beauty didn't wear very well for me. I wore it for almost three days and I should have removed it on the second. By the end of the first day, I had significant tip wear on all of my nails. By mid day on the second, I had a huge chip on my right middle finger nail. By the morning of the third day, my nails looked like forty miles of bad road. I would have died of utter humiliation if I had had to run out and anyone saw my chipped, busted down polish. This polish is undeniably beautiful but for me, anyway, the wear isn't stellar. In fact, it isn't all that acceptable. I will have to remember that this is a one or two day at the most kind of polish.

Would I buy Loreal Owl's Night, again? No. In fact, my experience with this polish makes me wary of buying any more Loreal polishes. I know that new collections are slated for release, if they aren't already out. And I would love to get some of the colours; but if this polish is any indication of the overall quality of Loreal polishes, I might have to pass. The jury is out on whether or not I will be giving this brand another throw. We'll see.

Do you own Owl's Night? Did it last longer for you? Are you happy with it?

Thank you so much for coming by and reading and commenting. I know that this was a long post and if you read all of it, well... My hat is off to you. 'Cause I sure can ramble, sometimes. Hell... Most of the time. Have yourself a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.