OPI DS Mystery

Good morning, gentle readers. I hope that everyone is staying warm and cozy and that everyone who was pounded by the Hallowe'en week Nor'easter have your lights back, at last.

This morning I would like to submit for your perusal OPI Designer Series Mystery. I lemming'd this polish for a long time and was tickled to finally get it. And, while it is lovely I feel a little let down by it. I don't think that it isn't gorgeous stuff, it is. But I was expecting Designer Series gorgeous and in my opinion, this polish, like so many of the newer DS polishes isn't living up to the name, to the reputation that OPI Designer Series has built over the years.

OPI DS Mystery is a deep, highly pigmented royal purple jelly packed with gold, multichromatic glitter. Glitter that in the bottle has an interesting multichrome shift from gold to bronze to green but doesn't really show on the nail. On the nail, the glitter does shift to bronze but I miss the green. It shows occasional blue flashes in direct sun on the nail but doesn't show the blue flash in the bottle or under an OttLight. This polish looks nearly black, only showing the beautiful, rich purple it is under very intense light. I applied two coats and topped this with Revlon Quick Dry top coat.

These photographs are clickable, of course and taken under my OttLight in my lightbox.

OPI DS Mystery is a lovely formula. Smooth, silky and squishy, it applies like a dream, flowing off that fab Pro Wide brush and sitting it's self right down where it is placed. It doesn't run or pool or flood the cuticles. I needed not much cleanup whil applying this polish. Dry time was really decent. Sadly, I chipped this mani pretty badly when I was scrubbing my bathroom, yesterday morning. I don't blame the polish... When I clean, I go all out, rarely giving a thought to my nails. lol  I have no complaints about this lovely stuff, I really don't.

I do question this being a Designer Series polish, tho. While this is unquestioningly beautiful, is it Designer Series beautiful? Is it worth the Designer Series price? In my opinion, no. To me, Designer Series is a cut above, special, unique and coveted and I just don't get or feel that from DS Mystery. I don't regret buying this polish but I wouldn't purchase it, again. And I doubt that I will buy the newest crop of Designer Series polishes unless I find them at a very low price.

I really wish that OPI would return their Designer Series to the days of yore; when the colours were rich and the shimmer was diamond dust... Holographic and sparkling and special. For those, I would gladly pay the Designer Series price. But for glitter in a jelly? Heck, I can find those, just as pretty, might I add, for two dollars a bottle on  the Sinful Colors shelf at my local Walgreen's. Time to step it back up, OPI. Dazzle us, overwhelm us with the brilliance of which we all know you are capable.

Do you own this pretty polish? How do you feel about it? Please do share your impressions.

Thank you so much for stopping by and hanging out a little. Have yourself a great day and may your polish never bubble.


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