Review: Ozotic Elytra # 530

Hello gentle readers. It is time for another review of another beautiful polish sent to me by Llarowe. Ready? So am I.

This is Ozotic Elytra #530.

The website describes this polish as an orange/pink/green shape shifting nail polish. I describe it as amazeballs. This is a multichome fine square glitter in a thin clear jelly-ish base. This is a layering polish. It isn't going to be opaque in a month of Sundays. But I don't feel that it needs to be. This is beautiful layered.

No. I lied. This is gorgeous layered.

Want to see? These photos were taken outdoors in the sun. I braved the neighbour and used daylight just for you, my gentle readers. :D This swatch is: One coat on pinkie, two on ring, three on middle and one coat over one coat of Wet-N-Wild black creme all with top coat, of course. Please click if you would like more detail.

 Yes, my nails are stained. *hangs head*

Check this bottle shot. Can you even stand it? 

These next photos are of Ozotic Elytra #530, one coat over OPI It's My Year. I love this combo and in person, it is way more of the gorgeous than in photos. This was so sparkly and reflective that it hurt my eyes and made them squint and water when I was out in the sun, shooting these photographs. I suffer. Suffer, I tell you, for my readers. (And I love every moment of it! :D)

Ozotic Elytra #530 is a beautiful, delicate colour shifting glitter. The formula is thin but not watery and it is very easy to apply and the glitter just sits down all over the nail as it is painted on. I didn't have to pat or place or squidge stuff around to make it work. It was smooth and effortless. This polish is a quick drier and it dries pretty shiny, but I still suggest top coat, of course. 

This polish is in the same bottle and has the same brush as Ozotic #507. If you would like to get your pretty paws on it, you can find it right here. It is $17.50 USD. 

Do you own this beauty? Think that you might want to? Please do share what you think. 

Thank you so much for coming by, today and for your comments. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble. 

The product in this post was sent to me free of charge by the company/PR/retailer for consideration and a fair and honest review. Please see my Disclosure Policy for further details.