Swatchity-Swatch: Color Club Cold Metal

Hello gentle readers. :)

Well, we have finally reached the end of the Foiled swatches. And I saved the best (in my own personal, not so humble opinion ;)) for last. Give a warm welcome to Cold Metal. This one is a little different from her contemporaries. This royal blue stunner is a jelly-ish base with the silver foily shimmer suspended in it. It is smooth and a little squishy and a tad translucent but so nicely pigmented that it is perfectly opaque in two supah dupah coats. I lurve this polish. I really do.

Take a look and see why:

Isn't this pretty? Don't you want it?

So, my dearlings, what say you about Color Club Foiled? Which ones do you like? Lust after? Do you think that you will be hunting down any or all of these lovelies?

Thank you so much for reading this swatch series and your kind comments. I really appreciate your input.

Have a fantastico day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. i'm not a fan of foiled nail polish, but the last four you posted are AMAZING! i wish i could find nail polishes like this in brazil! =)

  2. I bought this and Lumin-icecent for stamping and they work great for that!! Not sure I'd wear it as a full mani-but will see!

  3. I'm warming up to cold metal!

  4. I love this polish. Its the only one I've used so far from this collection. Definitely my favorite.


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