Swatchity-Swatch Pink Wednesday Style: Color Club Hot Like Lava

Hello gentle readers. Today begins my swatch series on this Winter/Holiday's Color Club Foiled Collection. This collection is six polishes; all foils. These could come across as Spring colours but they are all very cool and Wintry.

All photos in this swatch series were taken in my lightbox under my OttLight.

Let us begin with a little group shot of all of the polishes, trying to be oh-so-cool and artistic all over each other.

And now, the first star of the series: Color Club Hot Like Lava. I thought that I would start with this colour since it is Wednesday. And on Wednesday we wear pink. :) Hot Like Lava is a cool, bright magenta with a bit of silvery shine. I applied two coats and topped it with some random top coat I had lying around.

All of the polishes in this collection have a lovely formula. They apply smoothly and easily, they are very controllable and I needed to do little cleanup when I worked with any of them. All of these polishes are beautifully smooth and opaque in two coats. They are all slightly brushstroke-y, some a tiny bit more than others but none are annoyingly frosty or gross with it. Dry time for all of the polishes in this collection is quick. Not flash fast but pretty danged respectable.

These polishes are not only lovely all over the nails, they are great for stamping. I used this very polish to stamp bats on my nails for a pink Hallowe'en themed manicure, last week and it worked great. I love multitasking products. :D

Okay, so what do you think of Color Club Foiled? Do you own them? Love them? Lust after them? I found mine at my local Ross, they are also available at salons and beauty supplies and e-tailers that carry Color Club and I imagine that they are for sale on the Color Club website, as well.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Very pretty. I just got this collection a couple of days ago. I've used the dark blue one, I can't wait to try the rest.

  2. i regret not getting these...!!

  3. LOVE!!! I am lusting after this set so bad. I have yet to see these at any of my Ross stores sadly.

  4. This is such a pretty color.I love the look of foils!

  5. KelliKat, Cold Metal is my fave, for sure, tho they are all beautiful. I am so glad that you found them. I hope that you enjoy them. :)

  6. Joy, they are still very widely available. If you have a Ross nearby, just haunt it. They may likely turn up. :D

  7. Turtlechick, I hope that they turn up, soon. This collection is definitely worth having.

  8. Thanks, Thalie. I am liking these foils, too.


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