Swatchity-Swatch: Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Deep Blue Sea Plus OPI Gone Gonzo

Hello gentle readers. Happy Monday! Don't burn up your 'puters snapping up Cyber Monday deals, now. lol

Today I have a swatch and a bonus swatch. First up, is Sally Hansen Deep Blue Sea. This polish is one I purchased last Summer and it has been awaiting it's close up since then. Deep Blue Sea is a part of the LE Fall collection that featured foil like shimmers and glitters and I picked up a quite a few of them. I passed on a couple that I now regret leaving behind because now I can't get them. Oh vell...

This polish is a cold, medium-dark blue with silvery foil-y shimmer. I am really enjoying these cool, Wintry foil shimmers, this season. They are beautiful alone, layered and used as stamping polishes. Unlike many foils, this one is a tad on the sheer side. This swatch is three coats and there is still VNL in my photographs. While I don't mind a little VNL, I don't expect it in a foil. Especially after three coats. *shrug*

These photographs were shot in my lightbox under my OttLight.

The bumpiness you see on my ring finger? Not the fault of the polish. The patch holding that badly torn nail together was letting go after a marathon swatch session. This polish is very smooth... Kind of jelly-ish in texture with the blue and silver shimmer giving it a more opaque, foil like finish. It applies easily, no flooding, dragging or other naughtiness. Dry time is good, not stellar but respectable. Top coat enhances the shine and shimmer to it's best advantage. Overall a nice polish, if you are willing to go for multiple coats.


Layer it. With, say, OPI Gone Gonzo from this Winter/Holiday Muppets Collection. This is one of the three polishes from this collection I have been able to purchase, so far. I smoothed one coat of Gone Gonzo over Sally Hansen Deep Blue Sea and the result is magically delicious. Cold, blue small square and large silver hex sequins swimming in a clear jelly base combined with the polish on my nails to create a glacier pool like effect.

Mama like.

OPI Gone Gonzo is a pretty typical glitter polish in that it is a tad snotty to work with at times. Not unpleasant; it just wants to be coaxed a bit. I don't mind that; IMO, a beautiful glitter is worth a little effort.

So, what say you, gentle readers? Liking these? Do you own either? Both?

Thank you for coming in and hanging out with me for a bit. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.