China Glaze Love Marilyn

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have swatched for you one of the Eye Candy Collection glitters from China Glaze. I bought three of these polishes at Sally's then I decided, after swatching them that I wanted the other three so I went ahead and ordered them from Amazon. My Sally's, oddly, only carry four of the six. Why they do that, I have no idea. Too bad. I would have bough the rest there, but they don't sell them so, they missed out.

This is Love Marilyn. A beautiful combination of fine red glitter and medium silver round glitter suspended in a clear base that kinda blows my socks off. Now, I am usually a gold girl and I prefer red with gold but I have to say, I like this one a lot. The silver gives it an iciness that evokes that cool quality that Marilyn possessed. I applied three coats to my pinkie, ring and middle finger nails and on my index finger, one coat over China Glaze Poinsettia. I love this layered.

These photographs were taken under my OttLight. ('Twas a cloudy day, folks.)

This was a teensy bit of a pain to apply. It wanted a little coaxing to get all smooth and opaque. It certainly isn't difficult enough to banish it to "I Am Not Wearing That Shit Again!" land. It dries in nice time and it is fairly shiny and surprisingly smooth. It felt so lovely to the touch, even before top coat. One coat of Seche Vite was all I needed to top this perfectly.

If you are craving this pretty pretty polish, China Glaze Love Marilyn (I want to put a comma in there, soooooooo bad!) is available wherever China Glaze polishes are sold.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.