Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe Collection Swatches and Review

Hello gentle readers. How is you is? Well, I hope.

Today I am bringing you my swatches and review of the Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe collection for Holiday 2010. This collection consists of six fine glitter polishes, some of them with a strong and very beautiful dispersed holographic effect.

What the hell is my cat up to in my kitchen?!?! He keeps going in there and trying to open one of my cabinets. I wonder if he is hunting? There might be a creature in there? Lord, I hope not! Gah!

Anywhoozle, back to what we were discussing. Polish.

This is going to be a long post with a shit ton of photographs, so grab nourishment, hydration and strap in. Ready? Good. Let's roll. All phootographs were taken in my lightbox, under my OttLight.

Let's begin with the namesake polish of this collection. Beyond the Mistletoe. This is a soft blue and green and holo fine square glitter in a clear base. This polish sparkles like mad and fires with a strong dispersed holo effect that sadly, my camera couldn't catch. This is three coats and top coat.

Next in line is Holiday Splendor. This is a cool green jelly packed with the glittery goodness. This is another one with some nice dispersed holo flash action. This is three coats and top coat.

While swatching this one, I thought that it might be similar to Color Club Untamed Luxury and China Glaze Atlantis so I swatched them along with this one and fired off a few shots. I'll put up a comparison post, soon.

Say hello to our next guest: Sugar Plum Fairy. This is a cool, silvery lilac glitter with some holo yumminess throughout, all swimming in a clear base. In the right light, the holo effect is strong. In fact, it wanted to form rainbows, on my nails. I just wish that I could have captured the full effect with my camera. Three coats, here.

This shot kills me. You should have seen the holo in person! Gah!!!

Please give a round of applause to Candy Cane. This is beautiful red and pink glitter with not so much holo in a clear base. This just screams Christmas and candy, to me. (Tho if you aren't of the Christmas-y persuasion, it is just a pretty red and pink glitter polish with sparkle enough to gladden your Winter tidings. ;)) This again is three coats and top coat.

You all know that I loves me some gold. I wear all gold jewelry and I prefer metallic polishes to be in the warmer, more gold tones, most of the time. Tho I am not opposed to a nice silver, every now and again. ;) This gold is Gingerbread. Not brown. Thank heavens. Just a soft, warm, yummy gold with lots and lots of holo sparkle all within a clear base.  This is three coats and top coat.

Our next and final guest of the day is Jingle Jangle. This is blue and pink and some holo in a clear base. This is so pretty. It is the most sheer of the bunch. I applied three coats and you can see that to even approach opacity, I would have needed at least two more. I think that this wants to be a layering polish. The pink was hiding from my camera. Trust me, it is there.

Okay, so. Formula. Not bad. A bit thick and gloopy for my taste, so I dumped a bit of thinner in each one and they were far more tractable, after that. Application was pretty smooth, tho I did have a little dragging on one or two and a few little bald areas. With the exception of Jingle Jangle these are opaque in three coats. They dry quickly and matte and somewhat gritty. These need a good thick top coat for maximum smoothness, sparkle and shine.

These are so pretty and definitely worth owning if you are a glitter lover. I am not at all unhappy that I bought them. This collection is in wide release and should be available wherever Color Club is sold. I bought mine at my local Ross.

So, what say you? Like? Own? Lust after? Think that I post too many damned photographs and yap too much? Please do tell. Your input is always welcome.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have yourselves a fabulous weekend and may your polish never bubble.