Essie Luxe Effects As Gold As it Gets

Hello gentle readers.

Essie recently released a line of beautiful topper polishes called Luxe Effects. They are glitters and flakies and shimmers that are meant to layer over other polishes. I saw the line in my local Walgreen's and picked up two of them. This is As Gold As it Gets. I wore it over China Glaze Winter Berry and I adored the combination.

Essie As Gold As it Gets is fine gold flakes suspended in a thick jelly base. The flakes look like the gold flakes you will see at the bottom of a gold pan; they are various sizes and spark with an occasional holo like flash. They look very realistic and pretty over any dark polish. I'll have to try this over lighter polishes, too. And maybe with matte, some time. After I buy a new bottle of matte top coat. I wrecked mine. Idiot that I am. lol

This is one coat of Essie As Gold As it Gets over two coats of China Glaze Winter Berry and topped with Seche Vite. These photographs were taken in a mix of indirect sun and OttLight. I really struggled with getting very clear shots that showed the flakes of gold as they really were.

The formula of Essie Luxe Effects As Gold As it Gets is fairly thick but easy enough to work with; the flakes distribute smoothly and easily on the nails. This topper dries fairly quickly to a satin matte. Top Coat is needed to make it smooth and as shiny as one would want it to be. I really need to try this mattified. Yepper.

Have you picked up any of these Luxe Effects toppers? I found them at Walgreen's and they are available anywhere you can buy Essie polishes. Even in drugstores. (Yes, that was intended to sound as bitchy as it did.)

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


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