A Little Christmas-y Sparkle Even I Can't Screw Up

Hello gentle readers.

So, is everyone who celebrates getting all of your Christmas preparations and shopping done? I? Not so much! I am running late, this year. We'll see how well I pull it together. :P

I did manage a very wearable Christmas-y manicure. I wore it for days and was loving it and planned to let it roll for another day or two as it was in perfect condition when my demon seat belt did a number on it. I was getting in the Jeep, and put on my seat belt and was adjusting it to a nicety when it got free of me and snapped back on my shoulder and took a big chip out of the polish on my left thumb nail. At first I was horrified, seeing the little red and sparkly chip on my lap. I thought for sure it took a chunk out of my thumb nail. But my nail was intact. Insert huge sigh of relief. But I had to do all of my running around with a chipped nail. I felt like such a scroddy biotch.

I hit CVS to get in on the clearance sale goodness. I had to return a Milani Click Correct and Conceal HD or whatever the heck they call it pen. I lemminged hard on that thing and finally bought it, thinking that I would loooooove it. Uh... Not so much. At nearly ten clams with tax, that sucker went back! I loaded my little basket with goodies marked fifty and seventy-five percent off. I got shadow quads, a couple of blushes, (one of which I don't think I like) lipsticks, a lip stain, a gloss, a couple of Wet-N-Wild six pans that I like, a pile of polishes, including two Orlys. The only item I paid full price for was my Rimmel waxy brow pencil. I scored a couple of  hundred dollars with of makeup and polish for forty-two dollars, after you factor in my Milani return and my five dollars in Extra Bucks. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. :D

Okay, on to the nails. I wore China Glaze Poinsettia topped with a coat of China Glaze Twinkle Lights and Seche Vite. So pretty. Showy and sparkly but not as in your face as one might think. There was a certain subtlety to it. I know that that sounds strange, when describing a glitter mani. I received a lot of very nice compliments on this mani when out and about.

All of these photographs were shot outdoors, in sun and in the shade in the door of my garage. I finally figured out how to shoot sunshine shots and stay out of view of my neighbour who makes me uncomfortable; so when the light is just right in the right spot I can shoot sunshine shots. I won't be doing it with a new camera, for a while, tho. I thought that I could afford one for Christmas but other things are more pressing. I am going to pick up a tripod and see if I can't get better, clearer shots that way. *sigh* One must do what one must do. :)

 In sun. 

In shade.

So I reached a milestone in my nail blogging life. I ran out of free photograph storage in my Picasa web album. Whaaaat? Well dangit! Being the cheap ass ho I am, I thought about going back through my blog and deleting some of my photos, since I tend to post quite a few. But that would have been a huge pain in my ass, (as I am also a bit of a lazy ass ho) as I would have had to not only delete them from my blog, but then go back and find the exact same photos and deleting them from my web album. And the number of photos that did go wouldn't have kept me going for free for much longer anyway. I would have just been delaying the inevitable. I ponied up the five clams for a year of 20 gigs more storage. That should keep me posting photos like a loon for a good, long time.

Nice little racket they have going there. lol

Okay, this post is really long. I'll run along and let you got back to whatever you have going on. Thanks so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.