Orly Androgynie

Hello gentle readers.

Today's swatch action is coming to us with Orly Androgynie from this season's Holiday Soiree Collection. This black jelly is packed with all kinds of yummy stuff. Kind of like a jelly sandwich on steroids all in one bottle. There is silver and gold micro glitter and large hex sequins that flash copper, green, blue, gold and even purple.

I applied two coats and topped it with top coat for this swatch. I had to take the photographs in my lightbox. I suspect that sunlight might have been better. This is pretty but I think I did a bad job, here.

See what I mean? Not much of the good stuff showing. 

I mean, look at this bottle shot! My fault? *sigh* I'll try again. I think with three coats and in the sun, next time.

Appearance aside, this polish is nice to work with. Not quite as easy and fluid as a creme or a jelly. Those big glitter pieces mean that a little extra effort is required but it certainly isn't difficult. Drying time is decent. By the time I had taken my photos, it was well on the way to fully dry and a bit more difficult to remove. When a polish is a sucker to remove after swatch shots, it is a faster drying polish, in my experience.

So, not a slam dunk rah-rah for this one but not a fail, either. I will definitely wear this again because it is pretty, to be sure. I'll just change my SOP a little and see if it doesn't rise to the occasion.

Do you own this lovely polish? Are three coats better than two? Do they give more of the good stuff? I'd appreciate knowing what you think and would welcome any input you might have.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.