Orly Birds of a Feather Swatches

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have three beautiful Orly polishes to share with you. These are three of the polishes from the Fall Birds of a Feather collection. I picked these three up in a pack with a bonus free wristlet at my local Sally's last month. My Sally's didn't get the Birds of a Feather display. But they did have some of these three packs.

Here is what was included in the clear plastic box:

 Three polishes from the Orly Birds of a Feather Fall collection. From the left: Sweet Peacock, Foul Play and Lucky Duck. Behind the polishes is the little wristlet. This is actually a nice little bag. It is small but not tiny. I can fit a few cards, my driver's license, some cash, my smartphone, a shopping list, a lippie and a little mirror comfortably inside. It is of a sueded synthetic fabric in a pretty dusty purple that goes nicely with my mostly dark toned wardrobe. The wristlet is accented with a removable charm comprised of feathers. I assume one of each of the birds in the collection is represented in the charm. I like this little bag and use it often.

I swatched the polishes and took their pictures, as well. All photos were taken in my lightbox.

First comes Orly Sweet Peacock. This is a cold, clean, smooth metallic foil polish. This polish is a blackened blue base with blue foil shimmer. This stuff is kind of like a chrome in that it is thin and somewhat unforgiving. If you have flaws on your nails, it isn't going to fill in and smooth everything out like a jelly or creme can. If I wanted a perfect finish, with my crazy ridges, I would have to lay down several coats of base coat, three or four of the polish then two of Seche Vite. But I am not going to do all of that. I accepted my crazy ridges a long time ago. They are there.  And they aren't going anywhere. I have grown kind of fond of them. lol

This is two coats over one coat of base and under one coat of top coat.

Look how this bright, bright polish freaks out my camera. 

Here, it looks a little more "foil-y".  

The formula of this one is nice. Easy to apply and control. I didn't have to fuss with it all that much. It dries fast and dulls some as it does so. Top coat made this crazy shiny and bright. Like those old fashioned blue glass Christmas ornaments my Gran then my mother had when I was a child. (Yes, there was Christmas waaay back then.) This is a lovely polish, overall. 

Next up is Orly Lucky Duck. This is a lovely, clear Mallard green. The colour reminds me of The Green Monster at Fenway Park in Boston. It is a rich, blue based green jelly. Squishy. Mad shiny. Super mad shiny! This swatch is minus top coat, kids. I applied three coats thanks to my demon ridges causing sheer streaks. If you have smoother nails, you should be good in two. 

The formula of Lucky Duck is something wonderful. It is so smooth and silky and it whispered onto my nails like a dream. It self levels beautifully and is so easy to control that I barely picked up my cleanup brush. As I said before, this stuff is so shiny it is sick. I didn't use top coat for this swatch but I will use it when I wear this.

And finally, we come to the reason why I bought this little collection, in the first place. This is the polish I have been lusting after since I saw the first rumblings on blogs last Summer.

Meet Orly Foul Play. Lordy. This polish is beautiful and it was well worth the wait to find and buy it. This purple jelly base is packed with glass fleck shimmer, tiny blue glitter and copper/rose shifting duochrome flakies. May, oh, my. Love this. I applied three coats and top coat for this swatch.

Click these, dude. Seriously. Click them! :D

Foul Play has a slightly bratty formula. Not difficult. Just in need of a little coaxing and stroking. The first coat was thin and somewhat streaky and didn't give much goody wise. The second coat was a little better; it got smoother and more opaque and more of the sparkly and flaky stuff appeared and by the third, it was perfection. Opaque, smooth, squishy, translucent but solid and packed with shimmer, sparkle and flash. Golly, I love this polish. Love it like I would sell my first born for a barrel of this stuff.

You think I'm joking.

So, what say you? Do you own any or all of these pretty polishes? Think that you might want to acquire them? I just received a flyer from Sally's with my December 15% award on it and in the flyer is an ad for the Birds of a Feather three pack, so if you have been looking for any or all three of these polishes, you should be able to get the three pack with the adorable wristlet at your local Sally's.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful day, stay warm and may your polish never bubble.


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