Orly Ingenue

Hello gentle readers.

Okay, can I just say...

Shit, It's cold!

I'm freezing my maracas off, here. Snow and cold and freezing and... Yeah. Hello Winter. Just the other day, we had the windows hanging open and a fan on and now, this. Nanook of the North, your table is ready.


A little nail haulage news; I found three packages of the Sally Hansen Prisms collections at Ross, yesterday. I, being the piggy I am, snapped up all three. And I found China Glaze Eye Candy at Sally's. There were four polishes in the display. I picked up three; Love Marilyn, Blonde Bombshell and Lorelei's Tiara. The grey one was pretty but I have so many grey glitters and did I really, really need another? Not really. If it ends up on the clearance shelf, I'll snag it. What I don't understand is why just four of the six polish collection? Sally's, you guys need to step it up! This going short on the goods... Not acceptable.

Time to get the the swatching. This is Orly Ingenue from their Holiday Soiree collection. Man, oh man is this pretty. This polish is a pink jelly base packed full of golden glass fleck shimmer. This polish looks like a beautiful moire fabric. I loves it. Much, much, much. This swatch is three coats and well... Just take a gander.

Photos were shot in my lightbox under my OttLight.

This formula is delicious. Application was so lovely. Easy, smooth and controlled. I had not much cleanup. Dry time? Really good. What else can I say? This stuff is fabulous. I really don't think any more has to be said. :D

Do you own this beautiful polish? Lust after it? Orly Holiday Soiree is out wherever you find Orly products, now.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. I think all Sally's only have the 4, which sucks balls because I want the pink & purple ones. Btw, the gray glitter is amazeballs :)

  2. I know now I'm gonna order this one, it looks so pretty

  3. All right sweetness-with a name like the Ice Queen you would think you would LOVE the cold!!! I live for cold and snow!!

  4. Ahhh... That name comes from my frozen heart. Not my supposed love of the frozen tundra. ;) I am much more a temperate weather kind of girl. 

    I hope that you get lots and lots of cold and snow and your heart is happy for it, this Winter. :D

  5. Really pretty color :) It looks lovely on you:)

  6. This is perfect on you! I love it. Well, you know that though!

  7. Fantastic shimmer in that one!  Sounds like you got a great haul.  Also, I love how your photos are snowing!! :D

  8. You are so sweet, Niki. <3

    You know that I do. :D

  9. Thank you. :)

    The snow is fun, isn't it? It's really easy, too. :D

  10. Oh I have this one and I loved it so much I wore it twice already!

  11. That is great.  I am glad that you like it so much. Thank you for reading and commenting. :D


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