Polishes That Rocked my Socks in 2011... Concluded

Hello gentle readers.

Sick of my retrospective, yet? lol Well, take heart. This is the last page. Promise. I wanted to narrow this selection down to just the best ten or twenty but I just couldn't. Then, I tried to rank them by number. Again, epic fail. I am just no damned good at that sort of thing. I know what I like but I hate categorizing. Pigeonholing. It just isn't me. So, this crazy, long, drawn out raggle baggle you see is what you get.

For these swatches, I took some of the photographs in my lightbox and some out in the sun. I fully intended to shoot all of them in my lightbox but a lot of these polishes in this post have to go out in the sun to show them off at their best. I can rest my knee, tomorrow. lol

Okay, so... Gird your loins, this is the really sparkly section of the program. One thing I grok about my taste in polish, after choosing all of the polishes for this retrospective is I like it dark and I like it sparkly. Soft shades and pastels are also well liked but I seem to be really drawn to the darkness and the sparkle.

Before we begin, let me show you something that kinda freaked me out. Today, while swatching my polishes, I was in capris, a short sleeved lightweight knit top and barefoot. The temp was almost seventy, the sun shining brightly. I had several windows open and was airing out my house. On this date, last year, we had this nasty shit all over the place:

 The view out front, down the drive.

Snow sucks.

I am going to stop mucking about, now. Promise. On to the polishes. As with the previous two posts, clicking the polish name will take you on a magical mystery tour to the original swatch/Manicure of the Moment post.

(I don't know what happened... I think I applied too thick and hurried it up a bit too much. :P)

And, last but most certainly not least, we have... Drumroll, please...

I decided to include three photos of this bad boy because it is just dripping in awsomesauce. :D

So, there it is. My way too many, in no particular order, interspersed with way too much random bullshit nattering Polishes That Rocked My Socks in 2011.

Thank you all so very much for stopping by, reading, commenting, following and supporting my blog. 2011 was a lot of fun, around here and that was largely due to all of you. <3 I hope that you all have a happy, healthy, safe and polish filled 2012. Have a terrific day, my friends and may your polish never bubble.