Pure Ice Scarlett

Good Friday Morning to you, gentle readers. I hope that you got through the week in fine form and are looking forward to the weekend.

Today's polish is one that my husband hauled for me. Once in a great while, when he is out and about, he will get a bug up his arse and buy me a polish or two. He knows that I like the stuff and he likes to surprise me, now and again. While his picks aren't exactly what I would necessarily grab off of the shelf, I have to give him a huge A for effort and for thoughtfulness. :D

This hubby hauled polish is Pure Ice Scarlett. This is a bright, almost metallic red creme base packed with microshimmer. It reminds me, in a bit less refined way of OPI An Affair in Red Square, one of my much loved early OPI acquisitions. And, coincidentally, a polish my husband was drawn to and picked up off the shelf when we were in Ulta one day, a few years ago. What is it with him and red polish?

Anywhoozle, this is a pretty-ish if not very original colour. It has that bright, hard, nearly metallic red quality, like old fashioned glass Christmas tree balbs. (Yes, that is totally a word! I have been using it all my life. So there! :P) This was two coats topped with Seche Vite.

I think you can probably guess where my photographs were taken.

I think that I need to drag this polish and An Affair in Red Square out and do a comparison, hmmm? If anyone would like to see one, hit me up in a comment and I'll do just that. :D

This polish has a downright decent formula. It started out a little on the thin side and I had to chase it around with my cleanup brush for a while, but as I worked with it, it tightened up a little and got much easier to control. This polish gets opaque quickly, two coats was all I needed. Dry time was really good, with Seche Vite, this didn't keep me sitting around all day waving my hands and worrying about moving, lest I smudge my nails.

Wear time for this polish was pretty danged impressive. I had this on a solid four days; by the time I removed it the morning of the fifth, I had only minor, consistent tip wear and no chips. With some minor touching up and fresh top coat, I could see this polish lasting at least a week. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. Bottom line on this polish is that it is a solidly pretty, if uninspired colour with a nice formula and very good lasting power, especially if you don't like to change you polish very often. A girl could do a lot worse than this polish, that is for sure.

Oh! Just one thing... This is a highly pigmented polish, so keep it off of your cuticles; do cleanup right away as you apply to prevent stains (this did not stain my nails, tho I did wear two coats of base coat, as I was a little Pure Ice gun shy) and when removing it, don't scrub it side to side, as it will grab onto any dry skin on your fingers.

Pure Ice is available at WalMart and in some drugstores. It runs two dollars a bottle and it is well worth the price. In fact, in my opinion, this brand, like Sinful Colors is much nicer quality than the price would ever suggest. I need to hit Wally World and pick me up some more of these. There is a stunning blue shimmer that I need to find and have another dance with. I bought it, back in early 2010 and had a nasty go with it and tossed it. But I din't know then what I do know now and I want another chance to make it my bitch. So, yeah. Time to delve a little deeper into Pure Ice.

What do you think of this one, kids? Do you own it? Own any Pure Ice? Please do share.

Thank you so, so much for coming by. Thanks for reading and supporting my blog by following and your comments. I appreciate it. I know that I don't say that often enough, but I hope that you know it. Have a terrific Friday and may your polish never bubble.


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