Swatch and Review: Three China Glaze Eye Candy Polishes

Hello gentle readers

I have swatches of the final three Eye Candy glitters from China Glaze. I have to admit, I am not as tickled with these as I thought I would be. There isn't anything wrong with them. They are pretty but I think that I am getting a little glittered out. Yepper. I think it finally happened. I hit the sparkle wall. Maybe I'll love these better, when I come down off this current overload.

All Photos taken in sun. I think.

 Marry A Millionaire. This is purple and green and gold tiny glitter and little bar glitter swimming in a clear base. Three coats went on fairly easily and smoothly. This dries in good time and is surprisingly smooth, for a glitter. I topped this with Gelous for this photograph. 

 Material Girl. Rosy pink glitter with a coppery edge. This is the same formula as the fabulous and
famous It's Alive and Tinsel Town and Ring in the Red from the Hallowe'en and Christmas/Holiday collections this year. It applied great, just like it's sisters, is opaque in two easy coats and dries matte and a tad gritty but a little top coat makes it all smoooth, shiny and happy. This feels more Spring than Winter, to me. I'll probably hit this when the days start to get longer and the weather a little warmer. 

 Some Like it Haute. If this looks familiar, it is because this is a dupe for Wet-N-Wild Diamond in the rough from the LE Ice Baby Color Icon Collection from Fall. This is a charcoal grey jelly with tiny grey, silver glitter with some tiny holo silver sparks and large silver holo sequins. This polish applies easily, a little thin on the first coat, then the second coat makes it all perfectly opaque. This polish isn't super smooth. It reminds me of a river stone, lovely but irregular. This polish dries fast. Really fast and very gritty. Gelous, two coats made it presentable. 

Here is Wet-N-Wild Diamond in the Rough on my middle and pinkie. Take a close look. Dupes. They apply the same, look the same, both dry scary fast and gritty and drink top coat like a parched man crawling through the desert drinks water. There is a slight difference; the Wet-N-Wild needs three coats, China Glaze Some Like it Haute only needs two. If you have one of these, you don't need the other, unless you are a hard core collector and need to own both.

I wasn't aware that some outlets were selling this collection with black caps and some with silver caps. I have four with black and two with silver caps, now. Weird, huh? It doesn't matter, I just thought it was strange.

Okay, so there you have it. Swatches of the last three Eye Candy polishes. Did you pick any of these up? What do you think of them? Love? Need? You can find these just about anywhere you can find China Glaze polish.

I am in the throes of swatching my Faves for 2011. I have a few done and have a lot more to go. I haven't counted how many... I kind of want to wait until I am finished so that I don't freak out and start crying like a baby at how many I have to go. lol I have a nice mix of cremes, jellies, holos, glitters, (moar glitter... gulp) and so forth. These are not all polishes that were released this year. These are polishes that I acquired or first wore this year. They may have been released years ago. But they were all new to me. I need to remember to dig out a couple more...

I will be getting back to Pink Wednesday posts after the first of the year and all of the craziness is done. I am also going to make the first part of 2012 Operation Swatch Fest. I have so. many. untried polishes. A shameful number of them and I have to get them all swatched and up. Seriously. I am feeling a little guilty when I pick up a new polish, right now.

And I don't like feeling guilty. So, swatch like a madwoman, I must. Better get more cotton rounds and remover...

Okay, shutting up, now. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

Oh. Yes, I know that I am behind on responding to comments. I'll do them, sometime today. I am reading all of them, as always. I just need a few minutes to sit and type out responses. :D