Swatch: Sally Hansen South Sea Pearl

Hello gentle readers.

I think that the world is upside down. Parts of the country that should have a ton of snow this time of year are dry and here in Arizona, we are shoveling our way out from under the cold, white fluffy stuff. Blech. As far as I am concerned, Chicago, you can have it! I hate snow. (Yes, it snows in Arizona. This state isn't all desert, sand, cactus and Gila monsters, you know. ;))

I know that i have comments to respond to. And I will get to them. I should have more time, tonight. I just want to get a quick swatch post up then I must motor. So, let's get to it.

This is Sally Hansen South Sea Pearl. Part of the five pack I picked up at Ross, this is the least inspired polish in the bunch. Not awful... It's a soft white pearle. Not nasty, weird 70's pearle. This is a little more modern and actually evokes the gem for which it is named. It is a soft off white and when dry is slightly brushstroke-y but it has a beautiful colour shift that reminds me of the orient on the surface of a pearl. Like that precious nacre it shifts pink, slightly purple-ish, to a soft flash of blue and green. This polish is, in my opinion better layered than alone.

Index is one coat, layered over one coat of Wet-N-Wild black creme, middle is three coats topped with a coat of China Glaze Frosty (this combo is so much prettier in person than in this photograph) ring and pinkie are three coats of South Sea Pearl alone.

South Sea Pearl is prettier then her formula. *sigh* Soft, highly dentable. This stuff is even dented by setting the brush down on the surface, as you can see on a couple of my nails. On my index, it was from trying to smooth the surface and on my pinkie I dented it when I applied top coat. Too soft. What is with this bunch of polishes? This one has the same drying issues as Diamond. *sigh* I am going to play with these polishes a bit. I was wondering if a little refreshing with a few drops of thinner would help? I want to love this polish as it has some real potential.

Okay, I have to run. I need another cup of java and then I have a ton of shit I have to get done. I'll be back later to respond to all of your lovely comments on my last couple of entries.

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.