Swatchity-Swatch: Sally Hansen Diamond

Hello gentle readers.

Happy Tuesday. It is Winter storm time, around here. Cold, wet. As long as it doesn't snow, it's all good.

Today I have a swatch for you. This is Sally Hansen Diamond from the Nail Prisms set that I picked up at Ross. Diamond is a shiny, clear base densely packed with scattered silver holo. I applied this alone and over black and red then topped this swatch with top coat. These photos were shot outdoors in full sun.

Pinkie and middle: Three coats.

Index: One coat over Wet-N-Wild black Creme. Ring: One coat over China Glaze Poinsettia.

You can see some of the colour from this polish. Sadly, my camera just doesn't capture holo. I think that at 5 MP, my camera just doesn't have the resolution to catch the dancing of colour. If you look carefully at the index nail, here you can almost see the ghost of the actual rainbow that this polish tries to form in the sun. *sigh* So frustrating. This polish throws a more subtle holo effect than some other holos. I like this better layered than alone.

Let's talk formula. Uh... How do I put this diplomatically? The formula of this polish isn't quite the caliber one would expect from a polish so very pretty. Application of this is very nice, thanks to the smooth, jelly base. Sadly, this polish is extremely soft and gooey and it takes an eternity to dry. Even with a fast dry top coat, dry time is slow. This polish stays dentable for a long time, so one needs to exercise care for a long time after application. 

Is the holo sparkle worth the trouble? Honestly, I am not sure, yet. So far, I have only swatched this polish. I wore two coats, alone, no top coat in a skittle type situation with the other four polishes just for the giggles of it, in this set and all five of them stayed soft and dentable most of the day. It was cold, and I folded my hand under my arm to warm it and the fabric of my shirt smooshed and left their imprint on all of the polishes and ruined the finish. They weren't dry, hard until the next morning. I need to apply these as a full mani, use Seche Vite and see how they roll. But so far, as much as I want to love these, the jury is very much out. 

I am hoping that this polish decides to work and be wearable because it really is so pretty and sparkly. We'll see... 

Okay, so do you have these polishes? What do you think of them? Are they as soft and gooey for you as they seem to be for me? Do they dry slow? Have you figured out a way to make them work? I would really like to hear your input on these. 

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.