Swatchity-Swatch: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamonds

Hello gentle readers.

Tuesday. Okay. Now I have that Moody Blues song running through my head. And if you say, "Who are the Moody Blues?" I am going to hurt you. Bad. With a stick.

Perhaps gentler persuasion? Turn on your speakers and click the vid. :D

Anywhoozle, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Diamonds. Yeah. Nice topper type stuff. This is a silver/white baby flakie shifter that also flashes lavender, pink, blue in the sun. Pretty. I like it. I had a bottle of this polish a while back. Wrecked it putting extra ballz in it. They had zinc. I have learned my lesson. No more zinc plated balls are going in my polish anymore. But, why the extra ballz? You might ask. I dunno. I just went through an extra ballz phase. Had to toss them in all of my polishes. That phase is over.

Yes. I am odd.

I accept that.

I'm good with it.

Where was I? Oh yes. Sally Hansen Diamonds. After I tossed my wrecked bottle's ass, I found a new one at CVS. On clearance. For 75% off. Yesss! Score! Especially since I had just been looking at the new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes. You know the ones... In the new faceted bottles. With the new, higher price point? Now, I don't know about you but almost seven clams for Sally Hansen? Really? Pretty soon, OPI is going to be cheaper. But I digress.

I seem to be doing that a bit, in this entry.

So, as I was saying, I found the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Diamonds in the old, smooth, curvy bottle for 75% off and grabbed it and tossed it in my basket. Then I went back to the new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength display and sure enough. There it was. Diamonds. Same stuff. For a lot more money. Just imagine. Buying the same polish for so. much. less. money. Kinda blew my mind. And made me wonder what kind of evil genius is in charge at Sally Hansen.

Me and my blown mind swatched this lovely little topper over a coat of Wet-n-Wild Black Creme then topped it with top coat. Buckle up and ready thyself for lots of photographs of this baby. These are in sun and in shade. I am confident that you can figure out which is where.

Unfortunately the different colours eluded my camera's eye. Trust me, they are there.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamonds is a pretty, easy going topper. It applies smoothly, distributes the baby flakies evenly and dries in good time. I dig it. You can get it at most drugstores and big box retailers that carry Sally Hansen. Check for clearance stickers at CVS and Walgreen's. You might score one on sale.

Do you own this polish? Like it? Think it is crap? Want more Moody Blues vids?

Thank you for popping in and not running when you realized that I am in a really strange mood. You are friends, indeed. :D Have a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.

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A Tale of Four Flakies

Hello gentle readers.

As you are no doubt aware, one can't go anywhere without hearing about and seeing them. Flakies. Shiny, shifting, dancing, flashing. Flakies. Flakies. Flakies. Flakies in jelly, flakies mattified, flakies on top, flakies sandwiched. Flakies in clear, flakies in colours. Flakies that flash gold and green, flakies that fire the colours of opals and the sea. Ahhh... Flakies.

Today I am going to show you four flakies. These are the copper/gold/green flakies. The elusive and coveted Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, the lovely Finger Paints Flashy, the luscious and luxe Essie Shine of the Times and the ever beautiful Nubar 2010.

I decided to do this comparison on a nail wheel, as it was easier to get the angles I wanted to show the full play of the colour shift and the nails on the wheel were nice and long. These are all one coat of flaky polish over one coat of Wet-N-Wild Black Creme and topped with two coats of top coat. I shot these photographs under my OttLight in my lightbox.

As you can see, while these all look largely alike, there are differences. Hidden treasure has the larger flakes and distributes lots of flakes onto the nail in one coat. The flakies in Flashy are smaller and less densely packed, giving a more scattered effect. 2010 seems to be about the middle of the two and Shine of the times has small flakies that are, to my eye the most dense.

Colour wise, these are nearly perfectly identical. They all are copper/gold/green shifters that swim in slightly milky jelly bases that apply and dry clear. They all dry slightly satin and benefit from top coat. These flakies also look fabulous with a matte top coat. Any one or all four are definitely worth owning and adding to your collection. Of the four, Essie Shine of the Times and Nubar 2010 are the most easily acquired. Both run about $8.00 US. Flashy is still available in some Sally Beauty Supply stores and I imagine that it is floating around on E-Bay, as well. Flashy is about six dollars at Sally's. Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure is rare and very hard to find. I have no clue where one could even find a bottle of it, now. I can't even imagine what one would cost, if you could find it.

I hope that this was helpful. If you have any questions or would like to share your feelings about these polishes, please do. :)

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

A Little Redecorating and a Question For You

Hello gentle readers.

As you can probably see, I have been doing a little redecorating. I decided to change up the look of my blog a bit; lose the cutsie backgrounds (nothing wrong with them, I just think that I am finally over them), install a cleaner, more neutral header and widen my page, overall. I think that my blog looks cleaner, brighter and, in spite of the fact that I have a lot of shit going on, it looks less cluttered and busy. I also like that the wider format makes my posts look a little less wordy and loooong. heh heh

I also started making all of my photographs larger, to fit the new layout. Question, if I may? What say you about the larger photographs? Just right? Too large? Do they feel overpowering to look at as you read? I am good with this size but this is also about my readers and what they like to see so I would really value your honest opinion on photo size in my posts. I am going to hold off changing more until I hear what you all have to say. I have a lot of posts and while I doubt that I will change every one of them, I do plan to go back a little way. I don't want to go to all of that work, tho if the larger shots drive my readers cray-cray. lol

Okay, I can't just leave without posting a picture of something. Bare, just word posts don't feel right, here. :D

(Image Source) This is totally my husband and me. 

Thank you for dropping in and for your answer to my question. I really appreciate your input. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble

Swatching Blue: Sinful Colors Ciao Bella

Hello gentle readers.

Yay! It's Saturday! I hope that you all are having a great weekend. To start off Saturday, let's see a pretty blue polish, shall we? This is Sinful Colors Ciao Bella. A cobalt blue jelly base packed with teeny-tiny micro flakies that shift from silver to flash magenta, depending on how the light hits it. My only real complaint about this polish is the fact that the beautiful magenta flash almost completely disappears when you apply this to the nails and it utterly eluded my camera. I shot this polish in my lightbox, outdoors in the sun, in the shade. I tried different angles, I even changed a couple of settings on my camera. Something I never do. No dice. That magenta flash remained elusive.

This swatch is three coats and top coat.

In my lightbox.

In sun. 

Sinful Colors Ciao Bella is a decent enough sort, formula wise. It applied pretty easily. I did have a little trouble with it wanting to run on me but I soon got the hang of working with it. Like many jellies, this one was a tad oogly on the first coat... A bit streaky and uneven but the second and then third coats made it opaque and smooth and shiny and just lovely. I can't attest to dry time, I didn't wear this long enough to really judge that, tho by the time I oiled my cuticles and shot off enough photographs to make my memory card consider going on strike, this stuff was pretty well set and on it's way to dry.

Oh! This polish has that stiff-ish plastic-y brush that some Sinful Colors polishes have. I am not overly nuts about those brushes but they aren't all that bad. They certainly aren't deal breakers. I am sad that the beautiful duochrome shift that you can see in the bottle doesn't translate to the nails and won't show in photographs. I wish that Sinful Colors would pack more of the pretty stuff into their bottles so that what you see in the bottle, you get to wear and enjoy. And take pictures of.

 Ciao Bella is part of the core line, if I am not mistaken and if you are interested in it, you should be able to find it anywhere Sinful Colors is sold.

Thank you so much for coming by and spending a little of your Saturday with me. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.

A Magnetic Giveaway

Hello gentle readers.

The lovely Sirena Sparklestar is holding a giveaway to celebrate 500+ followers. She is offering two of the new China Glaze Magnetix polishes; Attraction and Instant Chemistry as well as a three pattern magnet so that you can have fun with all of the designs. If you would like to enter, please click here to travel to Sirena's blog post and enter.

Check out the goodies:

Nice, huh? What are you waiting for? Getcha butt over there! :D

Swatchity-Swatch: OPI Tangerine Scene

Hello gentle readers.

Friday, at last. I am kind of looking forward to the weekend. Time to have a little fun, do some shopping, maybe pick up some polish and so forth... Get out and enjoy this unseasonably nice weather we are having.

To celebrate March temps in January, I have orange. Bright, clear, almost neon orange. This is OPI Tangerine Scene. This is a creme that thinks it wants to be a jelly. It is very shiny and smooth. I applied three coats and top coat.

Photographs were taken in my lightbox under my OttLight.

OPI Tangerine Scene has a very nice formula. Smooth and easy, it applies like a little bit of a dream with that fab brush that OPI does so very well. There was no running, pooling, dragging or bubbling. The first coat was a touch thin and streaky but subsequent coats took care of all of that, just fine. I don't really know about dry time as I didn't wear this one for very long.

Do you own Tangerine Scene? What do you think about this bright, warm orange polish? I don't know what collection this polish is from but I do believe that it is still pretty easy to locate and purchase. I have seen it here and there.

Thank you so much for coming by. Have a great Friday and may your polish never bubble.

Swatchity-Swatch: Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Pacific Blue

Hello gentle readers.

Ho's your Thursday going? Well, I hope. Today I have yet another blue polish for you. This is Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Pacific Blue. This is one beautiful little pain in the ass of a polish. Beautiful because it is that rich, cool, cerulean blue that just makes my little heart go pitter-pat. My photographs show it a little lighter than it is in person. I tried to boost the saturation but this stuff just doesn't play fair with my camera. It is a pain in the ass because it separates like crazy. I had to shake the shit out of this polish, turn it upside down for a day or two, shake the shit out of it, again then let it settle overnight, shake it again, let it settle for a while, then apply it.

Whew! I am tired just thinking about it. lol Part of the problem may be that I purchased this polish a long time ago and it has sat, untouched for all that time. *shrug* Whatever the reason, it gave me a workout. I will say, tho... It seems to have been worth it. I mean, just look at it. This is a crelly, I needed three coats to get an opaque and smooth finish on my nails. My smoother nails were good in two but my demon ridges made a third coat of this necessary. If you don't have ridges like I do, you can probably just do two. This is, if I remember correctly sans top coat. Yep. This stuff is stupid shiny. Kinda squishy, too. I dig it.

Photographs taken in my lightbox, under my OttLight.

 Carrot fingers courtesy of my basic photo editing software. I tried to boost the saturation to get this polish to show more colour true and ended up with only a slight improvement and some mighty fonky looking digits. 

The colour is a little closer to true in this shot. A little. 

Pacific Blue has a very nice formula. Smooth and easy and a pleasure to paint on. I had a some trouble controlling it only because it has a very long brush wand and I am accustomed to shorter ones. Other than that, it;s very nice. This polish applies a bit streaky on the first coat but then it gets nice and opaque and levels out and is just loverly in two to three coats, depending on what your own nails need. As I said earlier, I needed three. This polish doesn't run or pool or drag or bubble. It dries in decent time. It was already set to the gentle touch by the time I oiled my cuticles and fired off my photographs. When I wear this, I will definitely use top coat.

I think that Pacific Blue is still part of the Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear core line. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

Pink Wednesday: Revlon Starry Pink... Plus: Some News About This Polish

Hello gentle readers.

Two Pink Wednesdays in a row!?!? Whoulda thunk it? :D Today I have for you a round the blogs favourite. Revlon Starry Pink. I picked this polish up last Fall and I am just getting around to wearing it. Revlon Starry Pink is a lovely, soft milky pink jelly that can lean just a tiny bit lilac. It is full of tiny silver square glitter and larger silver hex glitter. I applied two coats. I have the tiniest bit of VNL (yay! my nails are long enough to have VNL, again!) and probably could have done three but I don't mind a little VNL with some polishes and it isn't terribly obvious, in any case.

I like this polish. It is soft, delicate, very girlie and has that beautiful squish that a good jelly gives you. Revlon Starry Pink looks like a most delicious glitter sandwich without having to do the work for it. Gotta like that on a lazy day, hey? I topped this with a coat of Seche Vite and now that it has "settled" over the last few hours, it could probably use a second coat of Seche, as I now feel some texture. It isn't gritty but it does have texture.

I am going to show you photographs shot in sun, shade and my lightbox so that you get a good idea of how this polish looks in different lighting.




Revlon Starry Pink has an easy, pleasant formula. It was a dream to apply; being neither too thick nor too thin. This polish is easy to control, it lays down where it is placed and it doesn't run, drag, pool or bubble. It is a tad bit streaky but levels out pretty nicely. If you look carefully, you might see a little streakyness but it isn't too obvious so I didn't worry about it. The glitter distributes very easily and I didn't really have to pat or place the glitter, it just fell into place on it's own. Dry time is a tiny bit on the slow side, Seche Vite was a definite help. 

Revlon Starry Pink was part of a limited Edition collection. You might still find it floating around, here and there. Check out of the way drugstores and the like and you might stumble upon it. It is definitely worth trying to find, if you like pink, jelly and glitter, preferably all mixed up together in one lovely polish.

Edited to add: It appears that Revlon Starry Pink is now Revlon Popular. If you have been searching for Starry Pink, check the new freestanding stair-step Revlon displays for Popular. Revlon has been re releasing their more popular LE shades under different names.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble. 

Can I just tell you that trying to type and insert photographs and so forth for a blog post is a pain in the ass when you have both your lappie and your cat on you, at the same time? :P

Swatchity-Swatch: Chelsea Kelidoscope

Hello gentle readers.

Want to know the worst thing about duochrome and multichrome polishes? They drive my inner perfectionist utterly insane. You see, in person, they do such fabulous things with colour that I have so much difficulty with my very limited camera and photographic skills capturing all of the beauty.

One of those multi chrome polishes is Chelsea Kelidoscope. I received this polish as part of a giveaway prize, a long time ago. I have had this floating around, languishing unswatched because in the bottle, just looking at it, it wasn't that interesting to me. It wasn't until I decided to swatch everything and just get my backlog done up that I got this one on my nails.

Why did I wait so long, I ask myself. This stuff is really lovely. It is a mad shifter, giving purple, green, bronze (which, for some reason my camera didn't capture), even grey and in flashes, navy. I applied two coats and topped it with Color Club top coat. These photographs were shot in my lightbox under my OttLight.

Chelsea Kelidoscope. That misspelling is absolutely making me mental! People who name cosmetics, buy a frakking dictionary, already! In case you don't know, a dictionary is a big, fat book just chock full of words. Back on topic. This polish is a dark teal jelly base packed with multichromatic shimmer particles. The formula is thin but not runny or difficult. It applies easily and smoothly; there is no running, pooling, dragging or bubbling. There is some brushstroke action, something that can be expected with this kind of polish but it isn't obnoxious enough to scare me off. Dry time is quick with this stuff. Really quick. I don't know about wear time, as I merely swatched this one. If this polish has the usual wear time of most duochromes I own, I would expect this one to live for a day or two.

I have absolutely no clue where to find Chelsea polish. I have never seen it in any store in my town and I have never really searched for it, online. But it must be available, somewhere so if you are in love with the idea of this stuff, Google would probably be your best friend.

So, what say you about Chelsea Kelidoscope?

Thank you so much for popping in and reading. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

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A Comparison

Hello gentle readers.

Please to forgive me but this is a phone it in fly-by and then I am out of here. I am headbanging hard, today and I need to go hide.

I recently had a gentle reader ask if Color Club Ms. Socialite and China Glaze Traffic Jam were matches. (I really need to remember to write down the reader's name along with the polish comparison requests so that I can mention them, properly. Not doing so isn't acceptable.) So I painted up a comparison on a nail wheel. I applied two coats of both polishes and top coat. The photograph was shot in my lightbox under my OttLight.

On the left: Color Club Ms. Socialite and on the right, China Glaze Traffic Jam. While both of these polishes do lean to the berry, they are not matches, at all. Color Club Ms. Socialite is more purple and darker in overall shade. China Glaze Traffic Jam is lighter in tone, brighter overall and what I would call a true raspberry. Distant cousins. Not twins, or even sisters.

Both of these polishes are beautiful, have fabulous formulas and are different enough that if you aren't into owning dupes, but like this colour family are definitely worth owning.

I hope that this was helpful. If you have any questions or anything that you would like to say, please drop me a comment. I love hearing from my readers. :D

Okay, I must run. The glow from my monitor is about to cause my brain to implode. And, since I need my brain, lame as it is, I don't want that to happen. heh heh

Thank you for popping in. Have a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.

Swatchity-Swatch: Essie Lapis of Luxury

Hello gentle readers.

Today's swatch is Essie Lapis of Luxury. A sweet, soft blue crelly. A sweet, soft blue crelly that is lovely but badly named. Lapis is dark blue. Cobalt. Deep, mysterious and mesmerizing. Essie Lapis of Luxury is Spring. It is more periwinkle or forget-me-not than lapis. Don't worry. I'm not going to rant. You know I don't do that. :P I will say that people who name polishes need to do a tad bit of research. :D

I like this polish. It looks like the Summer sky and warm days and birdies singing. This polish is silky and shiny and somewhat squishy. I applied three coats for this swatch and topped it with top coat. These photographs were taken outdoors in sun and shade.

Essie Lapis of Luxury has a decent crelly formula. Smooth and silky it goes on a little sheer and streaky on the first coat. The second is much better and the third results in a perfect, smooth, opaque finish. This polish applies very nicely. It flows easily off of the Essie skinny brush (which I find less and less annoying as time goes on) and sits nicely down where it is placed. It doesn't run, drag, pool or flood my cuticles. It didn't bubble and I had very little cleanup. Dry time is... I dunno. I didn't wear it long enough to really find out. But I imagine that it is pretty much average for a polish of this kind. My other Essie crellies dry in decent time. I imagine that this one does, too. 

Is it my imagination or am I showing a shit load of blue polishes, lately? Yeah. That's what I thought. Well, I have more in the pipeline so I hope that you don't mind. 

Do you own this polish? Like it? Please do tell. 

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 

Swatchity-Swatch: OPI Save Me

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a look at the only one of the OPI Nicki Minage Collection polishes I purchased. I know... I said that I was glittered out.

I lied.

I saw OPI Save Me and I just had to have it. I wasn't really all that interested in any of the other polishes in this new collection. To me they just feel... Meh. Seen it. Don't really want to do it. To be perfectly honest, I am kind of burned out on the whole celebrity/nail polish collection tie in concept. It is beginning to feel a bit overdone and forced, to me. And it is too many, too close together. One really special collaboration once in a rare great while might be a nice thing but this is happening too often, if you ask me.  

OPI Save me is a multi glitter polish comprised of teeny-tiny silver square glitter and bar glitter that is holo and duochrome-ish in nature. The bars glint pink, yellow, purple, blue and holo sparkle. Yippie! Fun stuff, Maynard. I likee. And I am glad that I bought this one, for sure. 

I applied one coat over Sinful Colors Fly Away and topped it with top coat, as this one does dry a bit satin. For maximum sparkle and shine, you have to use top coat. I took photographs out in the sunshine. I don't know what it is, but I have had the worst time of it photographing glitters and flakies in the sun, recently. I am thinking that it has something to do with the angle of the sun, this time of year. Whatever it is, it isn't making me all that happy. But this stuff had to be shot in the sun. My OttLight just didn't cut it. 

Click these bad boys. That way you can get a real eyeful of the sparkle and all of the pretty colours. 

OPI Save Me has that beautiful OPI glitter formula. Fluid and easy to apply. The glitter goes on in plenty and is amazingly easy to get evenly up and all over the nail. You don't have to fight with this one to make it behave. Dry time for this polish is fairly swift but it needs top coat, as it will dry a bit satin-matte. This polish, like many OPI glitters is amazingly smooth, even before top coat is applied and this stuff doesn't eat top coat. One good coat is all that is needed. 

I feel that this is best worn as a layering polish with a coordinating or contrasting background polish. I have seen photographs of this polish built up to an opaque finish and the effect wasn't pleasing. It is so, so much prettier just sprinkled on top of another polish, there to wink and sparkle and delight the eye. But that is just my humble opinion. ;)

Did you pick up this sparkly stunner? Any of the other polishes in this collection? What did you think about this collection?

Thank you so much for coming by. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 

Swatchity-Swatch: Sinful Colors Fly Away

Hello Gentle readers.

Today's swatch is a lovely little charmer by Sinful Colors. Please give a warm welcome to Fly Away. This is a rich, bright cerulean blue crelly. Shiny and a little squishy. This swatch is three coats. It is shiny and beautiful without top coat.

These photographs were taken in sunshine.

 Geeze! Look at that big-assed ridge poking up out on the polish on my pinkie. Blech!

The formula of this polish is pretty damned nice. It isn't terribly opaque. I needed a full three coats for complete coverage. The first coat was very thin and streaky. The second was a little better, the third made it all smooth and opaque. Sinful Colors Fly Away applied very easily. It was a dream to control and paint on my nails. There was no dragging, pooling, running or bubbling. The brush was a tad stiff, it almost felt plastic-y. But it wasn't a nightmare. Just a different feeling than most polish brushes. Dry time for this polish is pretty much average.

Do you own this pretty blue polish? It is, I believe still available at drugstores that carry Sinful Colors. I think. I haven't been perusing the Sinful displays, much lately because they just aren't releasing any new colours. Or, when they do release the rare few new ones, they sure as hell don't make it to my neck of the woods! I missed out on Adventure Island (booo!!! ) and the couple of new Winter shades. I like Sinful Colors. It is surprisingly lovely polish at a bargain basement price. But I am more than ready to see new colours.

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


Hello gentle readers.

Today's post is three comparisons of recently featured polishes. I received requests for two of these comparisons and I just decided to do one of them on impulse, for the hell of it. I got to do these on nail wheels rather than on my nails. I have to say, comparisons on the wheels is easier and faster. I can be doing other swatches and painting and letting my nail wheel swatches dry, at the same time.

First is a comparison of Revlon Fashionista and Orly Sapphire Silk. I also tossed in Finger Paints To-Tealy Chic just for shits and giggles.

From the left: Finger Paints To-Tealy Chic, Revlon Fashionista and Orly Sapphire Silk. All three are two coats. No top coat. Photographs shot in my lightbox. I tried sun and shade and this is where I got the best shot.

From the left: Finger Paints To-Tealy Chic, Revlon Fashionista and Orly Sapphire Silk. All three are two coats. No top coat. Photographs shot in my lightbox. I tried sun and shade and this is where I got the best shot. Of the three, Revlon Fashionista (middle) is the darkest. To-Tealy Chic and Sapphire Silk are closer to each other than either to Fashionista. All three are darker, blue leaning teals. Sapphire Silk is actually blue, not green or teal.

Next I did a quick comparison of Essie Mint Candy Apple and a couple of other minty green polishes in my stash. While I was swatching Mint Candy Apple (swatches to be seen, soon) I wondered if it was anything close to Orly Gumdrop. Then, I decided to invite Orly Ancient Jade to the party.

From the left we have: Essie Mint Candy Apple, Orly Gumdrop and Orly Ancient Jade. No dupes, here. Mint Candy Apple is the lightest, creamiest colour. Gumdrop is a little darker, leans a little blue. Ancient Jade is a jade green. Not really mint, after all.

And, last but least, we have the Essie Lilacism comparison. I used Essie Lilacism, Revlon Lily and Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Lacy Lilac.

From the left: Revlon Lily, Essie Lilacism and Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Lacy Lilac. As you can see (sorry for the low contrast, these actually look very, very different in person) the Essie Lilacism, in the middle is the lightest, most delicate of the three lilac polishes shown. Lily, on the left is slightly more blue and a little darker and Sally Hansen Lacy Lilac is the darkest of the three. All are pretty lilac polishes and while not dupes, any of these three are lovely to own and to wear.

I hope that this was helpful and clear. Sometimes, I get things a little convoluted. lol If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I'll answer as best I can. If you see a polish swatched or featured as a Manicure of the Moment and would like to see comparisons, don't hesitate to ask. If I have the polishes (or something very similar) you want to see I am more than happy to do it. :)

Thank you so much for popping in. Your company and comments are always welcome. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

Time To Celebrate 900+ Followers!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your entries!

Hello gentle readers.

I reached another blog milestone, recently. 900 followers! When I started this blog in May of 2010 I never thought that so many people would be interested in my blog, much less want to click that Follow button and become one of my gentle readers.

In appreciation for each and every one of you who pop in, read and support my blog by following and commenting I am holding a little giveaway. I wish that I could afford the extravaganza that I honestly feel that you all deserve, but I hope that this will do. :)

I wanted to include a little of everything: Holo, flakies, duochrome, creme, shimmer, glitter, pearle... Old (in age... these polishes are brand new and sealed in their package!), new, even a little LE action. There is the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms five pack that includes Ruby Diamond, a beautiful rose/magenta linear holographic, two scattered holos, a pearle and a lovely duochrome. Two Finger Paints Special Effects LE polishes in Twisted and Motley, then in front we have: China Glaze Skyscraper, China Glaze Blue Iguana, a mysterious Color Club creme, a mysterious Color Club purple with some amazing shimmer, Revlon Purplex (the original LE Purplex, not the renamed re-promote) And China Glaze Holly Day, one of the prettiest green polishes to be released in a long time.

All of these polishes were purchased by me, with my own money. They are all new. Some were purchased individually, some are from sets.

Time for the stupid old booger butt rules:

First, this giveaway is open to legal residents of the United States, only. Believe me, I am so sorry that I have to make this restriction. I feel like a jerk for having to do this but shipping polish out of the US in a legal manner is increasingly regulated and difficult. I don't have the proper permissions to do it legally and I can't afford the fines that I might incur if I get busted trying to sneak it by.  *hangs head*

You must be eighteen or older or have permission from your parents or legal guardian. I am not kidding about this one. I do not want to be put in the position of having some angry mom or dad contacting me and demanding to know why some random broad their kid met online has their address and is sending stuff to their child.

This giveaway will close on February 29th at 11:59 PM MST.  I will then compile all entries and, I may try using to draw the winner, this time around. I should use Rafflecopter or something... But it kind of freaks me out. I think that I'll just tiptoe slowly into this brave, new world of gadget run giveaways.

Okay, here is how to earn entries:

Please leave your entries in a comment on this post, only. I would appreciate it if you would put all entries in one entry but if you need to break them up, I'll do my best to be sure that you get all of the entries to which you are entitled.

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Pink Wednesday

Hello gentle readers.

Today is Wednesday. And I am wearing pink. Imagine that. :) Today I have Revlon Temptress, a coral pink creme with a beautiful hidden silver shimmer that fires in the sun. I applied two coats of Temptress and topped it with Seche Vite.

These were taken in the sun. Please click to enlarge and see the shimmah.

Revlon Temptress is that strange, weirdly "grainy" type of creme. It is almost... I don't know... Dry? It reminds me of OPI Flower to Flower in consistency. It is a tad thick and gloopy and, while it gets opaque in two coats, it is a little uneven. Happily, Seche Vite melts and smooths it perfectly. It is like OPI Flower to Flower in that respect, also. This polish is okay. Not stellar. Not bad. Just... Okay. Dry time is a tad slow-ish with this stuff.

See that divot in the bottle? It was lurking under the clearance price sticker. It came out to play when I removed the sticker. I need to remember to handle this bottle carefully. One good knock and I could have polish all over the joint. lol

After I applied this polish and took pictures, I decided to haul out Sally Hansen Princess Cut, a pink jelly sister of Sally Hansen Glass Slipper. I lemming'd this topper so hard. I mean, I would search and search the Sally Hansen displays like crazy every time I went into Walgreen's or CVS, looking for it. I finally found it.

Here it is over Revlon Temptress and topped with a final coat of Seche Vite.

Yeah. Not a good layering choice. Princess Cut just disappeared when I applied it to this pink. It is more visible in person than it is in photographs. I'll give this a go over darker colours. I think that silvery flakies just don't do well over light tones. They need some contrast to fire and spark back to the eye.

Do you own either of these polishes? Tried them together? Like them?

Thank you for stopping in. Have a great Wednesday and may your polish never bubble.

Color Club Ms. Socialite

Hello gentle readers.

Here is a pretty purple polish that I have been wearing the last few days. Color Club Ms. Socialite from the Color Club Rebel Debutant collection. This lovely crelly is a slightly dusty purple. I applied two coats and topped it with some of the Color Club top coat that I received with one of my Ross collections. I think it was Back to Boho. I usually use Seche Vite but I thought that it would be fun to give top coat that I normally only use for swatching a test drive as a wear it long term top coat. I have to say, I am not overly impressed. The top coat dried a little more quickly than normal, non quick dry top coat but it wasn't as fast as Seche Vite.

Wear isn't all that impressive. After two days, I had considerable tip wear and some tiny chips. This polish is coming off, today and I am going back to my Seche Vite.

I can't wait until my nails are long enough to easily wrap my tips, again. I think that leaving my tips bare is contributing to my short polish wear and tip wear and chipping so soon. Blech.

As I mentioned, this was two coats and tip coat. I took these photos under my OttLight.

The formula of Color Club Ms. Socialite is lovely. Smooth and silky and easy-peasy to apply. The brush is nice and is easy to use and control. This polish was a tad thin and streaky on the first coat then smooth, opaque and perfect on the second. There was no running, pooling, dragging or bubbling. Dry time is good. Even with the less than stellar top coat that I used, with this manicure.

I like this polish and will no doubt wear it, again. It isn't the most long lived polish on the planet but since I change my polish frequently that isn't really a problem for me.

I have a couple of comparisons to do. I bought some nail wheels at Sally's yesterday. I thought that they would come in handy for doing comparisons and quick swatches and so forth. I may start collecting a nice big pile of them and start swatching all of my polishes on the nail wheels. Maybe. We'll see. :D

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

Oh! I have a little something-something coming up, in the next couple of days. Please keep your eyes peeled. :D

Swatchity-Swatch: Essie Lilacism

Hello gentle readers.

Another week begins. And in the dark, cold of Winter comes a breath of Spring in the form of Essie Lilacism. This polish has been lurking in my untrieds for... Nearly a year. How lovely is this polish, I ask you. Essie Lilacism is a beautiful lilac crelly. This swatch is four coats. Yes. Four. This polish is a little thin and the pigmentation isn't stellar and it had a hard time handling my demon ridges. I am going to give this another go with underwear and see if it goes a little better. Because I want this stuff to work. That colour is simply divine. Classic Essie... Soft, gentle, ladylike and just downright pretty.

Sunshine photographs for your perusal.

The formula of Essie Lilacism is pretty translucent, for all it's appearance of it being a creme. I had to paint on four coats to get it opaque and smooth. The first coat was thin, streaky and uneven. The second was a little better, started to even out nicely but damn! My ridges! Third coat, even better. Had my nails been nice and smooth, I could probably have stopped there but this polish and my ridges don't look well together. Some polishes, I can ignore them showing a little, not with this one. So, the fourth coat got everything covered and smooth. Finally. lol If you have smoother nails three coats, at the most should do you very nicely. This polish is worth the three coats. Trust me.

Application, it's self was easy. This polish is nice to work with and easy to control. I had very little cleanup. There was no pooling, dragging, clotting or being chalky and difficult, as some Essie cremes can be. Dry time was pretty good, even with four coats, by the time I finished taking photographs, this stuff was dry to a gentle touch and would have dried faster, had I used Seche Vite. I like this polish, in spite of having to work with it a bit to make it work for me and it will be on my nails, come Spring.

So, what say you? Like this polish? Think that you might be craving it? If I am not mistaken, Lilacism is part of Essie's core collection and available just about anywhere you can find Essie polish.

Thank you for stopping by and reading. Have a wonderful Monday and may your polish never bubble.

Swatch It Sunday: Sally Hansen Glass Slipper

Hello gentle readers.

'Tis Sunday. A day of rest. A day to post polish swatches. Today's swatch is The much talked about and much sought after by me for a while, now Sally Hansen Glass Slipper. This sparkling topper is a mix of different size icy silver flakies floating in a slightly milky clear jelly base. I applied one coat over Color Club Resort to Red then a top coat. This is so pretty, in person but it kind of hangs back in photographs. It just doesn't show up as it does when you are looking directly at it.

I took a lot of photographs of this in my lightbox, in the sun and in shade. The best ones were in shade and under my OttLight. Sunlight kind of ate the flakies and those photos weren't worth showing. Weird, huh?



Sally Hansen Glass Slipper is a nicely behaved topper polish. Smooth jelly base and plenty of flakies. This polish applies smoothly and the flakies are easy to work with. They go on a tad unevenly but it isn't a major deal and easy enough to even out. This topper dries quickly and needs top coat to make it utterly shiny and sparkly. 

How'z about that faceted bottle, kids? I'm kind of liking it. It's kitschy and fun. Especially with the sparkly fakealoo diamond embedded in the bottle. Yepper. I kinda like stuff like that. :D

So, do you have this pretty sparkler? Like it? Want it? Don't fear the photos, it really is pretty stuff. And it is available in drugstores and other retailers that carry Sally Hansen. It runs between six and seven dollars a bottle. A little steep, for Sally Hansen, if you ask me. But, whateves... I don't regret buying it. 

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 

Happy Saturday!

Hello gentle readers.

It's the weekend. And I am up far too early and gulping coffee and trying to clear the cobwebs from my brain. So, I figured it is time to write a post here. Because brain fog and blogging go hand in hand, you know.

Today's swatch (I am wearing just clear base coat, at the moment) is Color Club Resort to Red from their Fall 2010 Untamed Luxury Collection. This is a beautiful dark red jelly base packed with micro shimmer. It is similar to OPI An Affair in Red Square in concept and colour, but Resort to Red is deeper in tone and shades a bit more burgundy. This polish is lovely and rich and velvety in look and feel. I dig it.

Photos were shot in my lightbox under my OttLight.

Color Club Resort to Red has a lovely formula. It is well behaved, complies with all requests to sit down where placed and is smooth and dreamy. I may have used my cleanup brush once when applying this swatch. Gotta love that! This polish self levels very nicely. It is a tad brushstroke-y. 'Tis the nature of the beast with a polish of this ilk but careful application and a good top coat minimizes that effect very nicely. Dry time is a tiny bit slow but not slow enough to make you late for the opera.

Would I have purchased this polish were it standing alone on a shelf? Probably not. Not because it isn't lovely, it is just that I have several very similar polishes in my collection, already. If you are looking for a beautiful, rich shimmering red polish, this one could be a lovely addition to your polish family. It is available at various e-tailers and you can probably find it in beauty supplies that carry Color Club and on sites like Amazon and E-Bay.

Thank you so much for popping in and spending a little of your Saturday here with me. Have yourself a terrific weekend and may your polish never bubble.

Swatch on the Run: Color Club Ms. Hautie

Hello gentle readers.

Ever see a bottle of polish that just makes you go, "Oooo! Pretty!" Gazing at the fluid behind the glass you see the promise; the rich, glistening, slightly metallic grey creme, the beautiful shimmer that shifts it inexplicably into magenta then the tiny, silver holo glints from baby glitter. Combined, these elements create magic.

In the bottle. Sadly, this polish falls far short of the promise on the nails, then it just dies in photographs. Color Club Ms. Hautie is from the Fall 2010 Untamed Luxury Collection and it is one of the most disappointing polishes I have ever owned and applied to my nails. I applied two coats and was so let down that I just wanted to lob the bottle across the room. My nails were not slightly metallic grey shimmering with magenta and firing holographic sparks back to my eyes. They. Were. Just. Grey.

I like grey polish. One of my faves of 2011 was China Glaze Concrete Catwalk. Love that polish. But I love it for what it is and what it promises. A silken, grey creme. Color Club Ms. Hautie promises so much in the bottle then utterly disappoints when applied. And when I pointed my camera at it, it just died where it was. Even the bottle shots were terrible, not coming close to showing what the bottle gives, in person.


Photos were shot in sun and shade in a vain attempt to make this polish do something. Anything.

If you click this photograph to enlarge it, you can see a hint of what I am talking about when I describe this polish in the bottle. Just a hint.

I will hand it to Color Club Ms. Hautie, the formula is just about as flawless as it gets. This polish flowed onto my nails and sat sweetly where I placed it. I didn't pick up my cleanup brush even once. There was no running, no pooling, no flooding, no streaking or dragging. It just whispers into place. I think that this needs a little time before receiving top coat as it seemed to crinkle a tiny bit as I applied top coat. But that was my only concern about the application process. Dry time for this polish is good. 

I am just so disappointed in how this polish looks on as opposed to how it looks in the bottle. Color Club really dropped the ball on this one. 

Do you own this polish? Were you as disappointed by it as I am? 

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 

A Little Sunshine in the Middle of Winter

Hello gentle readers.

Today is yellow day. I have two yellow polishes to share. The first is Sinful Colors Unicorn. A soft, light, brand new fluffy baby chick yellow. Precisely the kind of yellow I love the best. This is five coats and top coat. Yepper. I said five. Coats. Should have put on underwear. Definitely. *sigh* Why is it that colours I love best are so difficult and silly?

Sunshine shots!

Sinful Colors Unicorn is undeniably gorgeous. I all in adoration of this polish's colour. The jelly formula is not beloved of me, tho. It went on incredibly sheer, somewhat streaky and just made me crazy. I had to apply five coats to get it opaque and smooth and as much as I love a polish, I am not willing to sit and apply five coats then try to endure the incredibly long, long, long dry and cure time. I am going to attempt this one over underwear before I write it off because I really do want to love it and wear it. Guh! This colour!

Unicorn does apply very nicely. It is easy to control, is silky and smooth and glides on without running and pooling on the cuticles. This polish self levels like a dream and it dries shiny and glossy and perfect. It is just so. Tragically. Sheer.

I don't know. I'll have to work with it a bit. Tho I must say, a part of me is kind of pissed that I have to work so damned hard to make a polish do it's job. Know what I mean?

Next is Finger Paints Psychedelic Sunshine over the aforementioned Sinful Colors Unicorn. This polish was a member of Finger Paint's Summer Collection for 2011. I missed out on most of the polishes from that collection, but I did snag this one.

Psychedelic Sunshine is a very warm, bright, sunshine yellow jelly base with yellow, multicolored sparking fine glitter. This is definitely a layering polish, in my not so humble opinion. I applied one coat over Unicorn and used top coat. Dude, my nails were so thick in this swatch! I doubt, had this been a manicure I wanted to wear that it would have never, ever, in a million years dried. lol

Top shot under my OttLight and the bottom in sunshine.

Finger Paints Psychedelic Sunshine is pretty stuff. Too bad I can't say the same for the formula. This polish is incredibly thick. Semi hardened concrete is smoother and more pliant. Using this polish is like trying to paint one's nails with Jello. I dumped a ton of thinner into the bottle. Enough that this shit should be running like water from a faucet. And it is still gloop city. *sigh* I am going to keep thinning it and see if I can get it to be a bit more biddable because I want to use this polish this Spring and Summer. I think that it could be fun over yellows, oranges, even red to make interesting oranges... If I can get it to be more biddable.

Okay, so. Two polishes that I want to love but need a little more time with to see if this relationship is going to work. Do you own either of these? Has our experience been similar to mine? Did they work better for you? I am interested to hear.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.