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Swatchity-Swatch: Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Pacific Blue

Hello gentle readers. Ho's your Thursday going? Well, I hope. Today I have yet another blue polish for you. This is Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Pacific Blue. This is one beautiful little pain in the ass of a polish. Beautiful because it is that rich, cool, cerulean blue that just makes my little heart go pitter-pat. My photographs show it a little lighter than it is in person. I tried to boost the saturation but this stuff just doesn't play fair with my camera. It is a pain in the ass because it separates like crazy. I had to shake the shit out of this polish, turn it upside down for a day or two, shake the shit out of it, again then let it settle overnight, shake it again, let it settle for a while, then apply it. Whew! I am tired just thinking about it. lol Part of the problem may be that I purchased this polish a long time ago and it has sat, untouched for all that time. *shrug* Whatever the reason, it gave me a workout. I will say, tho... It seems to have been worth it

Swatchity-Swatch: Essie Lapis of Luxury

Hello gentle readers. Today's swatch is Essie Lapis of Luxury. A sweet, soft blue crelly. A sweet, soft blue crelly that is lovely but badly named. Lapis is dark blue. Cobalt. Deep, mysterious and mesmerizing. Essie Lapis of Luxury is Spring. It is more periwinkle or forget-me-not than lapis. Don't worry. I'm not going to rant. You know I don't do that. :P I will say that people who name polishes need to do a tad bit of research. :D I like this polish. It looks like the Summer sky and warm days and birdies singing. This polish is silky and shiny and somewhat squishy. I applied three coats for this swatch and topped it with top coat. These photographs were taken outdoors in sun and shade. Essie Lapis of Luxury has a decent crelly formula. Smooth and silky it goes on a little sheer and streaky on the first coat. The second is much better and the third results in a perfect, smooth, opaque finish. This polish applies very nicely. It flows easily off of the Essie


Hello gentle readers. Today's post is three comparisons of recently featured polishes. I received requests for two of these comparisons and I just decided to do one of them on impulse, for the hell of it. I got to do these on nail wheels rather than on my nails. I have to say, comparisons on the wheels is easier and faster. I can be doing other swatches and painting and letting my nail wheel swatches dry, at the same time. First is a comparison of Revlon Fashionista and Orly Sapphire Silk. I also tossed in Finger Paints To-Tealy Chic just for shits and giggles. From the left: Finger Paints To-Tealy Chic, Revlon Fashionista and Orly Sapphire Silk. All three are two coats. No top coat. Photographs shot in my lightbox. I tried sun and shade and this is where I got the best shot. From the left: Finger Paints To-Tealy Chic, Revlon Fashionista and Orly Sapphire Silk. All three are two coats. No top coat. Photographs shot in my lightbox. I tried sun and shade and this is where I

Swatchity-Swatch: Essie Lilacism

Hello gentle readers. Another week begins. And in the dark, cold of Winter comes a breath of Spring in the form of Essie Lilacism. This polish has been lurking in my untrieds for... Nearly a year. How lovely is this polish, I ask you. Essie Lilacism is a beautiful lilac crelly. This swatch is four coats. Yes. Four. This polish is a little thin and the pigmentation isn't stellar and it had a hard time handling my demon ridges. I am going to give this another go with underwear and see if it goes a little better. Because I want this stuff to work. That colour is simply divine. Classic Essie... Soft, gentle, ladylike and just downright pretty. Sunshine photographs for your perusal. The formula of Essie Lilacism is pretty translucent, for all it's appearance of it being a creme. I had to paint on four coats to get it opaque and smooth. The first coat was thin, streaky and uneven. The second was a little better, started to even out nicely but damn! My ridges! Third coat,

Swatch It Sunday: Sally Hansen Glass Slipper

Hello gentle readers. 'Tis Sunday. A day of rest. A day to post polish swatches. Today's swatch is The much talked about and much sought after by me for a while, now Sally Hansen Glass Slipper. This sparkling topper is a mix of different size icy silver flakies floating in a slightly milky clear jelly base. I applied one coat over Color Club Resort to Red then a top coat. This is so pretty, in person but it kind of hangs back in photographs. It just doesn't show up as it does when you are looking directly at it. I took a lot of photographs of this in my lightbox, in the sun and in shade. The best ones were in shade and under my OttLight. Sunlight kind of ate the flakies and those photos weren't worth showing. Weird, huh?  Shade Lightbox Sally Hansen Glass Slipper is a nicely behaved topper polish. Smooth jelly base and plenty of flakies. This polish applies smoothly and the flakies are easy to work with. They go on a tad unevenly but it isn't a m