Color Club Ms. Socialite

Hello gentle readers.

Here is a pretty purple polish that I have been wearing the last few days. Color Club Ms. Socialite from the Color Club Rebel Debutant collection. This lovely crelly is a slightly dusty purple. I applied two coats and topped it with some of the Color Club top coat that I received with one of my Ross collections. I think it was Back to Boho. I usually use Seche Vite but I thought that it would be fun to give top coat that I normally only use for swatching a test drive as a wear it long term top coat. I have to say, I am not overly impressed. The top coat dried a little more quickly than normal, non quick dry top coat but it wasn't as fast as Seche Vite.

Wear isn't all that impressive. After two days, I had considerable tip wear and some tiny chips. This polish is coming off, today and I am going back to my Seche Vite.

I can't wait until my nails are long enough to easily wrap my tips, again. I think that leaving my tips bare is contributing to my short polish wear and tip wear and chipping so soon. Blech.

As I mentioned, this was two coats and tip coat. I took these photos under my OttLight.

The formula of Color Club Ms. Socialite is lovely. Smooth and silky and easy-peasy to apply. The brush is nice and is easy to use and control. This polish was a tad thin and streaky on the first coat then smooth, opaque and perfect on the second. There was no running, pooling, dragging or bubbling. Dry time is good. Even with the less than stellar top coat that I used, with this manicure.

I like this polish and will no doubt wear it, again. It isn't the most long lived polish on the planet but since I change my polish frequently that isn't really a problem for me.

I have a couple of comparisons to do. I bought some nail wheels at Sally's yesterday. I thought that they would come in handy for doing comparisons and quick swatches and so forth. I may start collecting a nice big pile of them and start swatching all of my polishes on the nail wheels. Maybe. We'll see. :D

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.

Oh! I have a little something-something coming up, in the next couple of days. Please keep your eyes peeled. :D