Comparison: OPI It's My Year and Orly Oui

Hello gentle readers.

Today I have a comparison post for you. I have somehow managed to acquire both OPI It's My Year and Orly Oui. When I showed them, I realized that the two looked awfully similar so I dug them both out and swatched and shot a comparison.

Both polishes are a purple jelly base shot through with a slightly duochrome gold glass fleck. I applied three coats of both polishes and used top coat. Seen separately, in photographs, one might think that they are dupes. Turns out, they are very similar but they are not identical. Orly Oui has a darker purple base. Both polishes are quite sheer, both need a minimum of three coats for full opacity. Both, even after three coats are still slightly sheer and a tiny bit uneven. This isn't noticeable until you get them out in the sun, as you will see.

The formula is gorgeous on both. Smooth, so very easy to apply. Both are lovely to work with; they don't run, pull, drag or otherwise drive one nuts. Both have decent dry times. I have only swatched them so I can't attest to actual wear time.

 Here we have the two shot under my OttLight in my lightbox. Orly Oui on my index and ring, OPI It's My Year on middle and pinkie. You can clearly see the difference in tone between the two. Sorry about my ring nail; I still don't know how I managed to goober it up. But since I was just doing a comparison shot, I decided to leave it as is. 

 In direct sun, the difference is even more obvious. You can also see that they are a teeny bit streaky and prone to little bald spots.

Here they are in shade. I took this shot to show the amazing gold glass fleck, in which, by the way, I could see absolutely no difference, in person and on my nails. Seems both OPI and Orly sourced the same golden goodness for their nail pretties. Even in shade, there is a discernible difference in overall tone, between the two polishes. 

Not dupes, as you can clearly see. But they are similar enough that, unless you are a collector and must have everything, one or the other should do you very nicely. 

I hope that this was helpful. I realize that both of these polishes have been out and about a while. I don't usually acquire polishes very early so I just have to show what I can, when I can. lol

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.