Pink Wednesday in Shortie Town

Hello gentle readers.

You want to know what sucks big, fat, green donkey dicks about beautiful weather in January? You want to open your window and enjoy the fresh, clean, warm breeze and air out your acetone infested sanctuary and relax while you swatch flakies and listen to music. Until your prick-ass next door neighbour goes out on the balcony of a non fucking smoking condo and smokes. And blows it towards your unit and right into your sanctuary and it smells more like a casino than acetone. Or fresh, clean breezes.

So, I had a hissy fit. I went to slam my window shut and snapity-snap! Irreparable breaks. Two nails. Trashed. *sigh* Out came the file and down to nubbins went the rest of my nails.  I hate that guy. So. Much. If he wants to smoke, why don't he and his girlfriend move somewhere that smoking isn't prohibited. Yes, I grok that what people choose to do outside and in their own time is their own business. It is his right to smoke and destroy his lungs.

It is my right to get pissed to the gills when he fills my home with nasty, stinky, noxious smoke. Don't my rights matter? We moved into this condo specifically because these are non smoking units. Yet this is our second neighbour that thinks that it is perfectly okay to smoke outside their own unit and fill mine with their stank. And I am so. fucking. sick. of it. I can't wait until April. Just four months and we can get out of here! And I won't have to breathe smoke, get pissed, slam windows and break my nails.

Okay. Meltdown over.

Since it is Wednesday and since I no longer have any nails and since I am pissed and need to calm down before I go next door and rip his nails out, one by one with pliers, I decided to apply a soft, pale colour to my fresh, new nubbins. I chose Color Club Get a Clue from their Alter Ego Collection. This is a pretty, delicate lilac-y pink crelly. I applied three coats and topped it with Seche Vite.

I took these photos in late afternoon setting sun.

Color Club Get a Clue has a somewhat difficult formula. Not as snotty as Essie French Affair, which it strongly resembles, colour wise, but difficult enough. It is streaky and took a full three coats and Seche Vite to really smooth out and be fully opaque and lovely. I don't know what I am going to do with this stuff. If I'll keep it. Re home it. Lob it at my cigarette smoking neighbour's head. We'll see.

Do you own this polish? Is it as streaky for you as it is for me?

Thank you for popping in. Have a great evening and may your polish never bubble.