Pink Wednesday

Hello gentle readers.

Today is Wednesday. And I am wearing pink. Imagine that. :) Today I have Revlon Temptress, a coral pink creme with a beautiful hidden silver shimmer that fires in the sun. I applied two coats of Temptress and topped it with Seche Vite.

These were taken in the sun. Please click to enlarge and see the shimmah.

Revlon Temptress is that strange, weirdly "grainy" type of creme. It is almost... I don't know... Dry? It reminds me of OPI Flower to Flower in consistency. It is a tad thick and gloopy and, while it gets opaque in two coats, it is a little uneven. Happily, Seche Vite melts and smooths it perfectly. It is like OPI Flower to Flower in that respect, also. This polish is okay. Not stellar. Not bad. Just... Okay. Dry time is a tad slow-ish with this stuff.

See that divot in the bottle? It was lurking under the clearance price sticker. It came out to play when I removed the sticker. I need to remember to handle this bottle carefully. One good knock and I could have polish all over the joint. lol

After I applied this polish and took pictures, I decided to haul out Sally Hansen Princess Cut, a pink jelly sister of Sally Hansen Glass Slipper. I lemming'd this topper so hard. I mean, I would search and search the Sally Hansen displays like crazy every time I went into Walgreen's or CVS, looking for it. I finally found it.

Here it is over Revlon Temptress and topped with a final coat of Seche Vite.

Yeah. Not a good layering choice. Princess Cut just disappeared when I applied it to this pink. It is more visible in person than it is in photographs. I'll give this a go over darker colours. I think that silvery flakies just don't do well over light tones. They need some contrast to fire and spark back to the eye.

Do you own either of these polishes? Tried them together? Like them?

Thank you for stopping in. Have a great Wednesday and may your polish never bubble.