Pink Wednesday: Revlon Starry Pink... Plus: Some News About This Polish

Hello gentle readers.

Two Pink Wednesdays in a row!?!? Whoulda thunk it? :D Today I have for you a round the blogs favourite. Revlon Starry Pink. I picked this polish up last Fall and I am just getting around to wearing it. Revlon Starry Pink is a lovely, soft milky pink jelly that can lean just a tiny bit lilac. It is full of tiny silver square glitter and larger silver hex glitter. I applied two coats. I have the tiniest bit of VNL (yay! my nails are long enough to have VNL, again!) and probably could have done three but I don't mind a little VNL with some polishes and it isn't terribly obvious, in any case.

I like this polish. It is soft, delicate, very girlie and has that beautiful squish that a good jelly gives you. Revlon Starry Pink looks like a most delicious glitter sandwich without having to do the work for it. Gotta like that on a lazy day, hey? I topped this with a coat of Seche Vite and now that it has "settled" over the last few hours, it could probably use a second coat of Seche, as I now feel some texture. It isn't gritty but it does have texture.

I am going to show you photographs shot in sun, shade and my lightbox so that you get a good idea of how this polish looks in different lighting.




Revlon Starry Pink has an easy, pleasant formula. It was a dream to apply; being neither too thick nor too thin. This polish is easy to control, it lays down where it is placed and it doesn't run, drag, pool or bubble. It is a tad bit streaky but levels out pretty nicely. If you look carefully, you might see a little streakyness but it isn't too obvious so I didn't worry about it. The glitter distributes very easily and I didn't really have to pat or place the glitter, it just fell into place on it's own. Dry time is a tiny bit on the slow side, Seche Vite was a definite help. 

Revlon Starry Pink was part of a limited Edition collection. You might still find it floating around, here and there. Check out of the way drugstores and the like and you might stumble upon it. It is definitely worth trying to find, if you like pink, jelly and glitter, preferably all mixed up together in one lovely polish.

Edited to add: It appears that Revlon Starry Pink is now Revlon Popular. If you have been searching for Starry Pink, check the new freestanding stair-step Revlon displays for Popular. Revlon has been re releasing their more popular LE shades under different names.

Thank you so much for popping in. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble. 

Can I just tell you that trying to type and insert photographs and so forth for a blog post is a pain in the ass when you have both your lappie and your cat on you, at the same time? :P