Swatch It Sunday: Sally Hansen Glass Slipper

Hello gentle readers.

'Tis Sunday. A day of rest. A day to post polish swatches. Today's swatch is The much talked about and much sought after by me for a while, now Sally Hansen Glass Slipper. This sparkling topper is a mix of different size icy silver flakies floating in a slightly milky clear jelly base. I applied one coat over Color Club Resort to Red then a top coat. This is so pretty, in person but it kind of hangs back in photographs. It just doesn't show up as it does when you are looking directly at it.

I took a lot of photographs of this in my lightbox, in the sun and in shade. The best ones were in shade and under my OttLight. Sunlight kind of ate the flakies and those photos weren't worth showing. Weird, huh?



Sally Hansen Glass Slipper is a nicely behaved topper polish. Smooth jelly base and plenty of flakies. This polish applies smoothly and the flakies are easy to work with. They go on a tad unevenly but it isn't a major deal and easy enough to even out. This topper dries quickly and needs top coat to make it utterly shiny and sparkly. 

How'z about that faceted bottle, kids? I'm kind of liking it. It's kitschy and fun. Especially with the sparkly fakealoo diamond embedded in the bottle. Yepper. I kinda like stuff like that. :D

So, do you have this pretty sparkler? Like it? Want it? Don't fear the photos, it really is pretty stuff. And it is available in drugstores and other retailers that carry Sally Hansen. It runs between six and seven dollars a bottle. A little steep, for Sally Hansen, if you ask me. But, whateves... I don't regret buying it. 

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 


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