Swatch on the Run: Color Club Ms. Hautie

Hello gentle readers.

Ever see a bottle of polish that just makes you go, "Oooo! Pretty!" Gazing at the fluid behind the glass you see the promise; the rich, glistening, slightly metallic grey creme, the beautiful shimmer that shifts it inexplicably into magenta then the tiny, silver holo glints from baby glitter. Combined, these elements create magic.

In the bottle. Sadly, this polish falls far short of the promise on the nails, then it just dies in photographs. Color Club Ms. Hautie is from the Fall 2010 Untamed Luxury Collection and it is one of the most disappointing polishes I have ever owned and applied to my nails. I applied two coats and was so let down that I just wanted to lob the bottle across the room. My nails were not slightly metallic grey shimmering with magenta and firing holographic sparks back to my eyes. They. Were. Just. Grey.

I like grey polish. One of my faves of 2011 was China Glaze Concrete Catwalk. Love that polish. But I love it for what it is and what it promises. A silken, grey creme. Color Club Ms. Hautie promises so much in the bottle then utterly disappoints when applied. And when I pointed my camera at it, it just died where it was. Even the bottle shots were terrible, not coming close to showing what the bottle gives, in person.


Photos were shot in sun and shade in a vain attempt to make this polish do something. Anything.

If you click this photograph to enlarge it, you can see a hint of what I am talking about when I describe this polish in the bottle. Just a hint.

I will hand it to Color Club Ms. Hautie, the formula is just about as flawless as it gets. This polish flowed onto my nails and sat sweetly where I placed it. I didn't pick up my cleanup brush even once. There was no running, no pooling, no flooding, no streaking or dragging. It just whispers into place. I think that this needs a little time before receiving top coat as it seemed to crinkle a tiny bit as I applied top coat. But that was my only concern about the application process. Dry time for this polish is good. 

I am just so disappointed in how this polish looks on as opposed to how it looks in the bottle. Color Club really dropped the ball on this one. 

Do you own this polish? Were you as disappointed by it as I am? 

Thank you for popping in. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble. 


  1. Aw, I'mm sorry to hear that this was such a disappointment for you.  I hate it when the polish looks completely different in the bottle.  :(  (Well, unless it looks great in the bottle and different but amazing on the nail).

  2. Ha, thats funny, thats exactly what happened to me 2 days ago!! I got this polish I've wanted for awhile (Color Club Voodoo You Do) and HATED it on my nails!! I got it on my blog if u wanted to see. Ms. Hautie still looks nice on you but I see your point in not delivering... could have been so gorgeous. And it totally doesn't deserve the name haha :)

  3. Oh, yes I have this polish too! And of course I was very disappointed with the finish and with the lack of sparkle. That bubbly, rough finish makes it look like street asphalt! ;) People who would like asphalt on their nail will looooove it :D LOL

  4. I'm really glad I saw this post, I really loved this in the bottle too, but your right it dies when it goes on! Plus I don't know if its just in the pics, but was this bumpy? Thanks for saving me from buying this one!!!

  5. Exactly. If this had had anything to recommend it, it was a pretty, slightly metallic grey shimmer. But it fell flat of any promise. *sigh*

  6. It certainly didn't earn it's name, did it? 

    I liked Voodoo You Do. It wasn't quite what the bottle said it would be but it didn't fall flat for me. :)

  7. Right? I don't mind a polish being a different texture, if that is what I am expecting. 

  8. It is a little bumpy. The glitter lurks under the surface of the polish and doesn't show or sparkle or do any of the awesome things it says it will. Yuk. Save your money and find something else. 


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