Swatching Blue: Sinful Colors Ciao Bella

Hello gentle readers.

Yay! It's Saturday! I hope that you all are having a great weekend. To start off Saturday, let's see a pretty blue polish, shall we? This is Sinful Colors Ciao Bella. A cobalt blue jelly base packed with teeny-tiny micro flakies that shift from silver to flash magenta, depending on how the light hits it. My only real complaint about this polish is the fact that the beautiful magenta flash almost completely disappears when you apply this to the nails and it utterly eluded my camera. I shot this polish in my lightbox, outdoors in the sun, in the shade. I tried different angles, I even changed a couple of settings on my camera. Something I never do. No dice. That magenta flash remained elusive.

This swatch is three coats and top coat.

In my lightbox.

In sun. 

Sinful Colors Ciao Bella is a decent enough sort, formula wise. It applied pretty easily. I did have a little trouble with it wanting to run on me but I soon got the hang of working with it. Like many jellies, this one was a tad oogly on the first coat... A bit streaky and uneven but the second and then third coats made it opaque and smooth and shiny and just lovely. I can't attest to dry time, I didn't wear this long enough to really judge that, tho by the time I oiled my cuticles and shot off enough photographs to make my memory card consider going on strike, this stuff was pretty well set and on it's way to dry.

Oh! This polish has that stiff-ish plastic-y brush that some Sinful Colors polishes have. I am not overly nuts about those brushes but they aren't all that bad. They certainly aren't deal breakers. I am sad that the beautiful duochrome shift that you can see in the bottle doesn't translate to the nails and won't show in photographs. I wish that Sinful Colors would pack more of the pretty stuff into their bottles so that what you see in the bottle, you get to wear and enjoy. And take pictures of.

 Ciao Bella is part of the core line, if I am not mistaken and if you are interested in it, you should be able to find it anywhere Sinful Colors is sold.

Thank you so much for coming by and spending a little of your Saturday with me. Have a wonderful day and may your polish never bubble.