Swatchity-Swatch: Essie Lilacism

Hello gentle readers.

Another week begins. And in the dark, cold of Winter comes a breath of Spring in the form of Essie Lilacism. This polish has been lurking in my untrieds for... Nearly a year. How lovely is this polish, I ask you. Essie Lilacism is a beautiful lilac crelly. This swatch is four coats. Yes. Four. This polish is a little thin and the pigmentation isn't stellar and it had a hard time handling my demon ridges. I am going to give this another go with underwear and see if it goes a little better. Because I want this stuff to work. That colour is simply divine. Classic Essie... Soft, gentle, ladylike and just downright pretty.

Sunshine photographs for your perusal.

The formula of Essie Lilacism is pretty translucent, for all it's appearance of it being a creme. I had to paint on four coats to get it opaque and smooth. The first coat was thin, streaky and uneven. The second was a little better, started to even out nicely but damn! My ridges! Third coat, even better. Had my nails been nice and smooth, I could probably have stopped there but this polish and my ridges don't look well together. Some polishes, I can ignore them showing a little, not with this one. So, the fourth coat got everything covered and smooth. Finally. lol If you have smoother nails three coats, at the most should do you very nicely. This polish is worth the three coats. Trust me.

Application, it's self was easy. This polish is nice to work with and easy to control. I had very little cleanup. There was no pooling, dragging, clotting or being chalky and difficult, as some Essie cremes can be. Dry time was pretty good, even with four coats, by the time I finished taking photographs, this stuff was dry to a gentle touch and would have dried faster, had I used Seche Vite. I like this polish, in spite of having to work with it a bit to make it work for me and it will be on my nails, come Spring.

So, what say you? Like this polish? Think that you might be craving it? If I am not mistaken, Lilacism is part of Essie's core collection and available just about anywhere you can find Essie polish.

Thank you for stopping by and reading. Have a wonderful Monday and may your polish never bubble.


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