Swatchity-Swatch: Finger Paints Codur-Orange

Hello gentle readers.

I have a swatch to share with you, today. Finger Paints Cordu-Orange (this name is a pain in the butt to type! lol) is a lovely dirty, slightly rusty orange creme from their Fall 2011 Collection. I didn't pick this up until Winter was setting in and it was on clearance at my local Sally's. Had I known how full of win this polish is, I would have grabbed it, sooner. Much sooner. Finger Paints Cordu-Orange is Autumn in a bottle. But that doesn't mean that I won't wear it before next Fall. I applied two coats for this swatch and used top coat. Photos were shot in my lightbox.

Yummy. Rich, warm, dirty and creamy orange goodness. Thick but not gloopy and easy to control. Two coats gave me smooth, opaque perfection. Dry time is good. Look how sick shiny this baby is! I never thought that I could love a colour like this so. much. Mmmm...

Finger Paints polishes are a little hit and miss, for me. When they do it right, they do it soooo right. And when they don't I just want to run in the opposite direction and never pick up another one, again. I don't know why I feel so damned passionately about this brand, I just do. lol I bought several of the Fall 2011 Finger Paints cremes and one thing I have noticed is that they are not well mixed. These polishes separate badly and fast and have to be shaken like crazy to get them back together. And even after mad shaking, they still have greyed pigment streaks running through them. But that doesn't seem to interfere with the beauty on the nails. When I want to wear any of these cremes, I make sure to shake the shit out of them then let them sit and settle for a while to de-bubble before I apply.

Do you own this polish? Love it? Get crazy when you see pigment streaks running through it? Please do share, I'd love to hear your impressions.

Thank you so much for popping in and hanging out for a bit. Have a great day and may your polish never bubble.


  1. Wow this is gorgeous!!!  I hate it when polish separates because it looks awful on my nail polish rack, haha.  At least they can be re-mixed!  I love Finger Paints polishes (even the packaging and font used for the name).  :D  This shade looks beautiful on you!

  2. I have this one, too. I love it! Bonus: it's also really good for stamping. :)

  3. Thank you. It's good to know that this stamps well. I am going to try it. If I can avoid paying for Konad orange, all the better. :D *cheap*

  4. Yeah, nothing like a streaky, separated polish to muck up a pretty display. lol I like the bottle shape ad font, as well. Cute stuff. :)

    Thank you. :D

  5. All of the finger paints I have are so gorgeous and pigmented. I haven't had issues with them separating too drastically, but the wear on them isn't the best. Their paints chip really fast even with a good top coat for me. Purple Pinstripe from the same collection is one of my favorites to wear.

  6. Purple Pinstripe is a beauty. That was one of the worst for pigment streaks, for me. Maybe I just got polishes from a bum batch? Could be. :)

    I haven't noticed problems with wear, but I don't wear my polish for a long time so maybe that is why. 


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