Swatchity-Swatch: OPI It's My Year

Hello gentle readers.

I hope that your New Year is off to a fine start and that you are all having a great day. Say... How's it going with those resolutions? I learned years ago not to make them. When I do, I inevitably set myself up for epic failure so I just don't go there, anymore. :D

Today, I have a pretty, pretty polish to share with you. This is OPI It's My Year from their Summer Miss Universe Collection. This lovely purple jelly polish is shot clear through with gold glass fleck shimmer. This stuff is rich, shiny, shifty and just full of gorgeous. I applied three coats and topped it with top coat.

This photograph was taken out in the sun.

The formula is awesome. Smooth and jelly and lovely to apply. This just flows off of that fabulous brush, sits right down where it is placed and doesn't run or pool or smear. I didn't wear this long enough to see how fast it dries, tho it was dry to the gentle touch, by the time I oiled my cuticles and fired off these photographs.

This polish reminds me of Orly Oui. Hmmm... Perhaps a comparison is in order? If anyone would like to see that, let me know and I will get to it.

I must run along, now. Thank you so much for popping in. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.