Swatchity-Swatch: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamonds

Hello gentle readers.

Tuesday. Okay. Now I have that Moody Blues song running through my head. And if you say, "Who are the Moody Blues?" I am going to hurt you. Bad. With a stick.

Perhaps gentler persuasion? Turn on your speakers and click the vid. :D

Anywhoozle, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Diamonds. Yeah. Nice topper type stuff. This is a silver/white baby flakie shifter that also flashes lavender, pink, blue in the sun. Pretty. I like it. I had a bottle of this polish a while back. Wrecked it putting extra ballz in it. They had zinc. I have learned my lesson. No more zinc plated balls are going in my polish anymore. But, why the extra ballz? You might ask. I dunno. I just went through an extra ballz phase. Had to toss them in all of my polishes. That phase is over.

Yes. I am odd.

I accept that.

I'm good with it.

Where was I? Oh yes. Sally Hansen Diamonds. After I tossed my wrecked bottle's ass, I found a new one at CVS. On clearance. For 75% off. Yesss! Score! Especially since I had just been looking at the new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes. You know the ones... In the new faceted bottles. With the new, higher price point? Now, I don't know about you but almost seven clams for Sally Hansen? Really? Pretty soon, OPI is going to be cheaper. But I digress.

I seem to be doing that a bit, in this entry.

So, as I was saying, I found the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Diamonds in the old, smooth, curvy bottle for 75% off and grabbed it and tossed it in my basket. Then I went back to the new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength display and sure enough. There it was. Diamonds. Same stuff. For a lot more money. Just imagine. Buying the same polish for so. much. less. money. Kinda blew my mind. And made me wonder what kind of evil genius is in charge at Sally Hansen.

Me and my blown mind swatched this lovely little topper over a coat of Wet-n-Wild Black Creme then topped it with top coat. Buckle up and ready thyself for lots of photographs of this baby. These are in sun and in shade. I am confident that you can figure out which is where.

Unfortunately the different colours eluded my camera's eye. Trust me, they are there.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamonds is a pretty, easy going topper. It applies smoothly, distributes the baby flakies evenly and dries in good time. I dig it. You can get it at most drugstores and big box retailers that carry Sally Hansen. Check for clearance stickers at CVS and Walgreen's. You might score one on sale.

Do you own this polish? Like it? Think it is crap? Want more Moody Blues vids?

Thank you for popping in and not running when you realized that I am in a really strange mood. You are friends, indeed. :D Have a lovely day and may your polish never bubble.

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  1. Thanks! Now I have the song stuck in my head. Not a bad thing really since they are a favorite of mine. Still - earworm! 

  2. I like this combo, reminds me of space.

  3. haha I love this post ^^

  4. Hehehe.   I have that polish, think it's pretty useful for sparkle toppings.
    AND I love the Moody Blues :)

  5. You get weirder and weirder the more I read from you!  An extra balls phase? Who does that????????  I would have no idea that zinc ruins polish-you really are weird.  And yes I am way old enough to know and love the moody Blues! I don't own this polish-I don't do drugstore brands-that is where I am weird!!!

  6. I love this polish and it looks great over black, which I've never tried  ?  How'd that happen?  I'm in a balls phase.  Fortunately I never tried using those zinc coated BBs so I haven't ruined any polishes.  Yup I agree with you Sally Hansen is charging too much for their polishes.  I do love their old bottle shape for the diamond strength polishes but I don't mind the new ones.

  7. Heh heh heh. I am evil, like that. Planting earworms is a goodness. Until someone turns the tables on me. 

  8. Ooo! It would make a nice background for a galaxy nail art... Good idea. :D

  9. Why, thank you. :)

  10. I think so, too. 

    What's not to love, hmmm? :D

  11. I wish I were, also. Yes, indeedy. 

    Aw, I am sorry. Isn't it weird how songs can just shoot us somewhere? 

    Yeah, fox or no, he had to go! hahahaha

  12. I blame it on encroaching decrepitude. Truth is, tho... I have always been a bit of an odd duck. I have only just recently learned to accept it and roll with it. 

    We all have our quirks. It's what makes us fascinating as a species. This world would suck if we were all cut from the same mould, don't you think? :D

  13. Eh, you'll get to it. Yeah, stay away from the zinc plated ones. I need to go shopping for plain stainless steel balls for my frankens and the odd polish that I feel could use a little extra help in the mixing department. *Gives China Glaze For Audrey the hairy eyeball.* 

    I like the new bottles just fine. Not the new prices nearly as well. heh heh

  14. ah this looks pretty! I saw it at my drugstore a few weeks ago but didn't pick it up because of the price =x

  15. I grabbed a couple bottles of this on clearance. :D I was thinking it would be good for frankening with as well as layering. And I want to see more Moody Blues videos! My favorite of their songs is I Know You're Out There Somewhere and In Your Wildest Dreams.


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